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ADLDICLPNO 45 - Epilogue (Final Chapter)


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Wow, those guys have been gone for a while.

It’s been 3 months and the Generic Suna Nin is still running back to the Leaf Village.

You think those guys stopped making those Let’s Plays?

I hope so. That ADLDIC series wasn’t very good.

Yeah, it’s a good thing they’re gone.



We’re back.


Hey, everybody! Derps and I are here to give y'all a breather in all this fiasco regarding the surveys and stuff. In case you missed it, I’m going to re-copy the PSA that we dropped here in the last episode. And we added a few new things that we have planned for you!

Derps and I just wanted to announce that this will be the VERY LAST episode of ADLDICLPNO!

After that, we will take a few months’ break to focus on other things.

School has started up again, and we’re rooming together again, but we’re still quite busy, so the few months’ break will still be happening even with the 3 month delay between episode 44 and 45!

HOWEVER! There WILL be two things that we do within this time.

For one, we are gonna compile up some statistics, along with a “greatest moments” collage.

Also, once we get to ADLDICLPNO Shippuden, we will be completely revamping all of our portraits and making them look MUCH more uniform than they currently are right now.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next few months, and thanks for being with us for a whole 45 episodes! I'm quite happy that we completed half of the story so far...

The images probably broke. Check the Google Drive for the full version.

a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online Eps 45: Epilogue

(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life

Cover art by Tecchen

Images provided by Do I Care?

Disclaimer: The following is a fan-based parody. Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo. This LP is a parody and nothing more. So please support the official release.

Naruto Online is property of Tencent/Oasis.

a derps life wants to point out that this isnt actually a lp in the truest sense, its just a creative work lol

Also, even though we bash Naruto Online we really do like the game at the core. Don’t take offense please!




...Let’s finish this, SO0KY..

Indeed, Boruto’s Dad.

Let’s finish this.


...I win…


I will gain power.

I will avenge my family.


I’ll become the interesting and entertaining character that you never could be, Idontcare.


When we meet again… I will have grown stronger.

Stronger than you ever could imagine.

And I’ll wipe that smug smirk off Itachi’s face for good.

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a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online Eps 45: Epilogue

(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life

Excuse me! Somebody! Anyone! Is anyone there?

Eh? This is the Konohagakure gate. State your business. If you have any.

U-uh… isn’t it obvious? I’m bringing back a wounded Leaf–

*cough* *sputter*

He’s hurt! Please, let me in! I’ve been stuck out here for three months!

...I see. Doesn’t that mean he’s been bleeding to death for 3 months?

Uh… in 4 months he might be dead?

I don’t trust you one bit. But for our shinobi’s sake, I’ll let you pass through the gate.

‘Scuse me! Let me through! I’ve…

I’ve got an injured person here!

...those ninjas, always stirring up trouble.

H-hey, wait a minute–



I see how it is.

First they take away my Jessie.

Then they’re just letting them there ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS hoppin’ over the walls like flies flocking to garbage!

This village is going to poo poo!

We should build a wall around Sunagakure and make those doggone Sunagakurians pay for it!

Erm… p-please get out of my way!

I need to go!

Not so fast, lady! I’m takin’ you to custo–


*runs away*

So I was like… “become one with your blade, strike with your mind and body at once”

And then she said “okay” and totally believed me!

Dude that’s hella funny.

Did she learn the skill tho?

SHE DID!!! With my useless advice! And she-

Excuse me!



Hey there.

Wait, you two are-


Where’s the hospital around here?

...Lady, you’re going the wrong way. The hospital’s in the south.


*cough* *sputter* *blood*


His wounds are turning purple.

That’s a sure sign of edgelord poisoning right there.

If he doesn’t get treated he’ll turn into a total edgelord, and possibly die.

You better hurry.



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Can you help him? Who’s on duty? Hello?!

Whoa there.

You can’t just barge in and demand-holy poo poo those injuries are pretty serious.

It looks like he got hit by an edgelord’s attack.

It’ll be a tough operation, but we’ll see what we can do.

So don’t worry your pretty little head, alright?


Go out on the town for tonight, aye? Treat yourself to dinner or something.

You look like you could do with a bit of relaxing.

I can’t when he’s–

He’ll survive. We’ll make sure of it.

All you need to do is wait, alright?

Grab a hotel for the night and come back tomorrow.

Eat your favorite food at a restaurant while ya wait.

We’ll probably be done by then.



Heh… all is going according to plan.

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Present Day

Somewhere in Konoha...

Ugh… where… where am I?

Welcome to Room 101… prisoner.

Eh? I’m in an Evil Lair?! What’s Room 101?!

My name is O’Ibiki. And Room 101 is home… to the worst thing in the world.

The worst thing in the…?

You were the only survivor of your squad – and I’m going to su3k you dry.

Uh… that was… weirdly l00d.

...Of information.

Not like that.

I’m not a creep, not like freakin’ Orochimaru.




Evening stranger.


E-eh?! Don’t scare me like that.

Haven’t seen your face round these parts.

What brings you here?

...My friend’s in the hospital.

He was severely injured.

...I see. That’s… rough.

The medical team said that he would survive, though.

I really hope he does.



...did your friend happen to go out on the retrieval mission?

Erm… yeah… why?

Interesting young lad, isn’t he?

...Do you know him?

I do.

I want to ask you, by the way.

Exactly what do you see in him?

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Why do you care so much about him as to try and save him from death?

He was perfectly willing to die and protect that boy, you know.

...wha… what are you saying?

You don’t know?

...know what?

Did he never tell you?

He never did, cause I have no clue what you’re talking about.

I’m not surprised.

I don’t think he’s ever told anyone.

It’s been hidden for years, many years underneath his ego and all his muscles and his self-centered nature.

...What has?

I don’t know if it’s my place to say.


I want to ask you something first.

Do you know how most people would describe this man?


Selfish. Egotistical. Vain.

An abrasive prick who stomps on others for his own enjoyment.

An unlikeable rear end in a top hat.

You know, he really didn’t have many friends, right?

Not many real friends, I mean.

He didn’t…?

But what about his squadmates? Or your ANBU captain? Or even that other guy?

What other guy?

That… I kinda can’t remember. Just those two then.

ANBU Captain hates everybody, you know.

He only became captain so he could make his underlings do petty things.

And his squadmates…?

That’s part of the job.

Sometimes you work with rude undesirables.

My point is, he’s abrasive and rude to 85% of people he knows.

Do you know why? I guess he never told you, but did you figure it out yourself?


...About sixteen years ago, a nameless village was seized by low level bandits.

The low level bandits controlled the city for around a week before they burned it to the ground.

...low level bandits?

Ever played a video game? Low level bandits are in any fantasy world.


There was only one survivor, a young child who miraculously defeated the bandits because of how naturally buff he was.

But everyone else was slaughtered in front of his eyes. The entire village was murdered in cold blood, and the local protective forces did nothing to help them.

The lone survivor scorned his village for not coming to help. The seizure had happened for an entire week, yet there were no police or military ninja coming to help.

None of the villagers could fight, either - they were naught but a peaceful fishing village.

The bandits *ed the village dry of anything and everything it had. The boy had nothing. Nothing but himself.

Filled with grief from his entire community’s death, and bubbling with resentment from the fact that they could’ve been saved…

the youth stole the Scroll of Muscle from the village and ran off, becoming a missing-nin.

Wait! Is this… Idontcare’s… backstory?

Let me finish. He lived on the run for most of his life, until a certain individual from the Guy clan stumbled upon him and took him in.

After discussing it with the Konohagakure higher-ups, the village decided to shelter the missing-nin. He grew up older as a Konoha ninja, and eventually joined the ANBU under ANBU Captain…

Determined to help people, so that what happened to him could never happen again.

He didn’t want to see a life destroyed like his was.

Why do you think he tried to rescue you – an enemy soldier?

...Because he thought I was pretty.

Well, that definitely was part of it. But here’s the thing… Idontcare acts the way he does because it’s the only way he can make himself feel important.

But beneath his egotistical, tough exterior?

Idontcare truly does mean well.

...I hope he’s okay...

He’ll be okay.

I’m sure of it.

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A long recovery period later...


What… what’s going on…

You’re awake! Thank goodness, you’re awake…

I… yeah. I’m still here.

I thought… I thought I was gonna lose you.

Heh… I’m glad I mean that much to you, y’know?


…It’s not enough.

...It’s not enough? No… you didn’t fail the mission!

Sasuke’s gone, though. I hated that kid.

I wanted him gone. But my personal feelings aside…

I failed my mission as the ANBU.

I’m no better than my home’s police force…

No! That’s not true at all!


I… you may not have brough back Sasuke, but you rescued three lives in the process. Neji, Kiba, Spiderman, Choji, and Naruto...

They’re all alive because of you.

You’ve become a hero, Idontcare.

THAT’s what you called me here for?

Lady, I’ve been in the hospital for a long time.

And I wake up to THIS?

This next part is VERY important.


...Oh, so he’s leaving.

So I don’t have to take care of him anymore?

Yep, you’re relieved of duty.


..Who’s the unlucky gently caresser who’s stuck with the job?

man jiraiya gives literally 0 poo poos does he

he looks hella ston3d


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So he’s a beautiful plant.

So it’s flashback t-



A while ago

So I’ll learn how to do pervy things with frogs?


Will I learn how to play Brain Training?


Will I be able to count to 10?


Will I learn ANYTHING?

You’ll learn a slightly bigger R@ssengan-


lmao 10/10 translation

Jiraiya, do you need help with English?

Shut up, it’s not my fault. It’s the translator.

Sooooo… slightly larger rasengan?


Just look at Akihisa Yoshii.

He’s an idiot.

And he’s pretty funny.

So it’s not necessarily bad.

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...Yeah, sure.



so doicare


how are you gonna cultivate your lovely plant self

Uh… I got a trump card up my sleeve.

Battle Armor raises stats, right?


...THIS is battle armor?

This was the dumbest thing I’ve ever bought.

aaaaaaand now i’ll never be able to take you seriously ever again

congratulatioons, doicare. you’re ready for shippuden now.

...Don’t tell me this is going to be my Shippuden Post Time Skip design.


so doicare

is this game worth it so far?




It’s fun to laugh at the translation mistakes.

this is how a casual player feels about the game huh

you haven’t even seen the world of pvp yet lmaooooo

...Is it scary?


...gently caress.

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a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online


(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life

Thank you for being with us for all these months!

it’s been fun, but VERY time consuming, to make these episodes

we really hope you got at least some enjoyment out of them.

In the future, ADLDICLPNO Shippuden will come to be…

...if the game survives that long omegalul



Look at this.

What’s up, yo.

I’m in the game.

As a playable unit in China.


Hehe. Now I can kick rear end in the flesh.

...wait a minute.


Why did they add you, but not me?

We’re like two b3tt cheeks! You can’t have one without the other!

Heh… whoops. Sorry man, you just got the short end of the st1ck.



Hmm… what’s taking him so long?

Pain said that once he got all his piercings, we could go to Sea World…

Sea World is the least of our concerns right now.


Well, I have a plan…

What is it?

Quit acting so mysterious!

...that Buff Guy knows too much.

We’re going to eliminate him… then, we’re going to take down the Leaf Village.


Once we get to Shippuden?


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The PVP world is truly a scary one. This series seems to have finally reached the end.

This was really enjoyable to read, and it's been fun! Thank you both for this.

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Took y'all long enough.

It's been fun.

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Nice fan-fiction share i miss some but it always lighten the mood on the forums !~~

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Thanks y'all for staying with the ride this entire time.

On a vaguely related note, I learned today that if you look up "ADLDICLPNO" on Google, my Forum account is the first thing that comes up, along with the Youtube video that Derps and me uploaded. After that, the next search results are a bunch of scam websites trying to give people malware by pretending to be us. I... didn't realize we were that big of a deal that people would rip us off lmao...

My favorite one has to be the one labelled "Naruto Wait Where Are You Going Episode Game". 10/10 title. Maybe that's what ADLDICLPNO Shippuden should be called. NWWAYGEG.

...That doesn't exactly have the same ring to it.

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This is dope yo.

I swear, one of these days I'm gonna finish this series and read the entire thing. One of these days.

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