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No love for Naruto [KCM]


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Hello Oasis,

I think its just fair to treat every SR equally :)

When Madara Founder gets breaks - kurama should do so too (if you want to milk them kurama breaks - that's a different issue)

Any plans that you can atleast *try* to make him relevant again?

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CN doesn't even have KCM Naruto SB, but he does have a bond mystery if you have Edo Minato.

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I do have the bond mystery - kinda disappointed ... but then again oasis tries to disassociate from CN. So its just my wishful thinking that they might try this breath of fresh air :P

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It would be better if you will submit your suggestion via thread at Bugs and Support Section. You may also try filing a ticket at Customer Support under the category of Suggestions and Others. They are more able at handling player's suggestions at that section and site. Thank you.

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Thanks Qv!

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Put it in a suggestions tab? That has about as much use as a can of fresh air.

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