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[ Events ] Events Cycle - September 26th


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  • The_X On 2019-09-26 02:10:11
  • when i said about a petition to change oasis or at least fire some departments to fix the game everyone was laughing at me and posted pics with the comment in discord... here now... swallow good :)

lol you mean starting an unofficial petition? LOL

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Nothing against but edo madara that was invented on CN few weeks ago are here already ? and ninjas that was on CN for more than half year are still not here only because they are not "OP" enough for high ingots events ?? (I guess next week will be akatsuki ronin versions or how to call them)

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It's funny how we get trials for ninjas knowing that most players don't even have close to 4*.

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Yet another week with no Tsunade NPC update...

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I for one don't get the Suit Naruto hate. Sure theres better more needed ninja but seeing anbu itachi suggested of all things.... even freshies have him some ever 4starred while any competent player running Uchiha's should have him 5 starred with enough left over frags for any bt if such ever comes.

One day, (prolly after 7.0) we'll get a mass drop of breakthroughs on unused nin like Sound 4 etc but by then the meta will make them irrelevant. Or even more unlikely they might bring back the ninja packs that were dropped for no reason. It's not like even releasing a bt on nin in *those* packs will make them considered for any form of meta beyond meme and waifu teams

To the people: If you are really this salty over an event cycle you should "boycott" it by refusing to take part in it and getting your friends/groupmates to follow suit. It won't magically fix things but atleast all who do will be able to save up for when/if oasis ever unearths a magical gnome who can teach them how not to disappoint their playerbase with lackluster moneygrab cycles...

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Could the october ninja be changed?

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Hinata Cloak for sign-in would be nice.

For those who don't have her or get her to 4 stars to do breakthrough with.

She is not going to break the game play

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This post is proof they don't read your comments.

Fk Oasis and Daiske

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Yeah saving

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  • Mad_King On 2019-09-26 07:48:47
  • This post is proof they don't read your comments.

    Fk Oasis and Daiske


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Oasis: Which ninja should we bring this week? hmmm... Bring a new version to madaraS with a different skill so we can svck ppl's money.

Oh and... they never read players' comments. why would they care?

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Maintenance late?

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  • AJ_T On 2019-09-25 22:37:13
  • to OG crew:

    if you force us to 4 star a ninja at least give us more advanced protection vials;

    also, can you make a new colour for refine 13 equip and give back the refine 10 show off equipment? like you did with runes;

    give us threads as SA rewards;

    give us harder TIs, those 43k power are just lame... and where are the gold "element resistance +4" from ninja tools? i'm waiting for it literally since first version 1.0 where you removed.;

    why there are rewards for power till 190k?;

    why you don't bring only kakuzu and kushina? its all about them for 99% of the players. or start buffing more ninjas to add strategy to this game. this game is just about having a +200k op position 1 ninja;

    bring a chest where we can pull a viable ninja to use, even ultra rares are bad. i remember how good it was to pull ninjas without knowing which lineup we would use according to mulpiple good ninjas we could surprisely get;

    story mode is not updated since ever. i would be happy with a filler;

    ultimate training? update or remove the icon. please;

    lucky runes icon? just remove it, stop baiting new players! lack of ethic;

    make a decent Five natures chakra rebate;

    would be good to increase the sun scroll and bet chips that active players get per week;

    and about to make experience a good reward? (better later than never and now that qq got level 110 even more) instead motivate players to not play all the game to level freeze for SWB event;
    now that you bring refine 13 and rune 15, we deserve better or/and higher rebates for it.

    every event should give something to f2p, lucky * per example dont have free spin, tailed beast weekly points are not enough to claim a fragment of a bad ninja and there are more examples... ;

    i don't know the OG rules to follow about this game but you've alot space to improve. some feedback would be a nice first step to alot players restart to cash, specially about the flash updates that the game wont get in a while.

    FOLLOW THE GOOD EXAMPLES and dont make the same mistakes, those who stayed wont give another chance (so don't even think about %tactics)

    Have a nice day

Also what about the treasure option in the equipment of each ninja? It's locked since I started 3 years back....when are you going to open it? After 30 years?

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  • ☬Autumn戦士 On 2019-09-25 20:54:48
  • That is a good question. Are you trying to bleed people of all their money before you shut down the game? Your release schedule of ninja is completely off compared to China. You have release stuff they do not have or just released but have held back older skill breaks and features for North America servers. You are killing the game by making it impossible for light spenders and free to play to keep up in any plausible way. Then you drop epic rune; something 75 percent of the NO community did not want, which you knew because they told you they did not want it. And not only did you drop it, you made it an ungodly amount to grind.1500 is crazy!!! It should have started out at 200. And do not get me started about how you closed off the comment section last week because you already knew how people were going to react to what you did. At the very least you should have faced the back lash of your bad decision. You are doing whatever you want and you are not caring about the players. I have already seen a wave of people quit. If you keep this up this game will not be worth playing or worth spending in because there will not be enough players around to keep the game interesting.

They really need to shut down this game, our only way is to literally stop spending or quitting this game!

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  • Mad_King On 2019-09-26 07:48:47
  • This post is proof they don't read your comments.

    Fk Oasis and Daiske


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Possibly in the future can Oasis make the monthly sign-in ninja be Madara 5 Kage Summit or either Jiraiya [Young Adult]?

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I hope oasis knows that summer is over, hopefully this will be the last for now and we can move on to halloween themed events or something better.

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  • Sammel On 2019-09-25 21:37:52
  • The hell with that where’s GNW Shikimaru and NO I DONT WANT HIM AS A TRIAL NINJA ON ARENA... He Deserves better than that


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why naruto suit?

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next ninja in line

next week ninja :'D

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