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[ PVP ] Shizuka !NERF!


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Screenshot_70so this is the version we have for now.Screenshot_69And this the nerfed version almost impossible to get 90 chakra for round 2 you crazy don't get mad she the best rival for naruto.

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I prefer new one instead whay we have now

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Because you consume a whole lot of mysteries at the same time, the chakra you have left is the reason for shizukas ability to get better. But its not her fault, either you're using too much chakra or you're just not fast enough.

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Its actually easy, LM, EM, WM can generate chakra the best
Also, the description for Shizuka when she was released here was wrong, we had the 2nd one listed the whole time.
And last, if you use her mystery while having 50 chakra at least, her mystery is buffed aka have 60 chakra then use her mystery and it would count. Or at least it did when I played with her.

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