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GNW Madara too weak?


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I just made it to 6path in arena using him move 1. He is very good counter for Kakuzu, needless to say I did not sweat when I ran into one in there xD But he does need a lot of support throughout your team to really make him shine. Personally, I used GNW madara move 1, Ningendo move 2 with full SB, Gakido move 4 full SB, and wind main with mystery refresh, clone standard, repulse to knockdown chase, fire/wind enhancement, more clones, and dog of hell summon. Gakido gives him a ton of resistance to survive those kakuzu standards and madara gets a ton of other buffs since he is a rinnegan unit. Lots of CC and good damage, and the possibility to use his mystery 3-4 rounds in a row owo

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