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Thnks fr th mmrs


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  • I don't get you people at all. You can still work on your pos 2-3-4 while in the same time gathering those Epic Refines also. What have you done on 1.0 or 2.0 versions of this game while you had Basic Medium Refine Runes? You were focusing on just pos 1? I tend to have doubts about it as every player has all equipments on Advance Refines at this moment in time. In future there willl be maybe leisure ways to get Adv Refines from events or shops or whatever place.

U cant work on pos 2-3-4 bcs u have to choose which refine will u collect, in grocerious store u have to choose will u pick epic or advanced, also in events u have to choose, only way to get them is space time shop where u also need to collect advanced and coins left are for epic, so in that situation u have to choose pos 1 or rest of them..... but i see ure some whale so can afford both. And yeah 1 more thing when we had basic and medium u needed like 50 basic to fini* all, and with epic u need 1,5k and much more cps/coins so i dont see your point really.

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