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[ Suggestions ] Please Add % tactics soon in the game


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%Tactic on position1 meta gameplay...did you even think what will hapen with this game?

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  • bouncyknight On 2019-09-27 23:30:42
  • ok man "players like you are the ones who donate real money for this game" i have no idea what money has to do with this but if you think that really matters then i recharged too in this game on 2 accounts. your saying levels features becomes not attractive? but yet you said " more story to improve the game play" which requires to level up your character, and also this is an online game the story is so useless and pointless, they can legit delete the story line and it wont change anything at all. and we can get many power ups for free already from grocery.

    Ninjas you say? we already have so many ninjas as they are adding them so fast especially the bt ninjas the only ninja we are pretty much missing out is minato edo bt, which they will release him soon at this point so ninjas are the last thing we should be worrying about.

    the game play cant be fixed and thats a fact everyone knows the damage in this game makes no sense and thats the most important thing and the biggest problem in the game, 700k cant 1 shot 200k? if thats the case imagine similar power going against each other like today i did 800 dmg with my pos 1 but other times i did 3-4k dmg with no crit but crit dmg does like 20-30k the diff so much. also how control works ruins the game play too how is a 140k controlling me with pos 2 and his pos 4 ? but a 220-240k pos 2 manage to control fail me so many times, this pvp is all about RNG and RNG isnt skill. so you may have money and donate but that dont mean you got knowledge about the game

it's not RNG, control fail can happen, it happen on matsuri where my pos1 failed to control a a chance to fail, which i prefer like that, since it might give u an opening to do a smart play.

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OMEGALUL!! more people getting kaizered ? k bring in % tactics then. XD

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We are happy to take all opinions, especially regarding controversial features such as this one, and we will definitely keep both sides of the argument in mind if this system is considered again. However, please refrain from putting others down, or belittling them due to differing opinions, and please refrain from too much discussion in this section of the forums.

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Unfortunately, CS forum section is not a place for discussions. Therefore, I will be closing this thread ~

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