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An Open Letter to Oasis Part 2


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"I had hoped that feedback could make a difference" Our feedback has never made a difference in the eyes of Oasis. We have pushed for a long time to catch up to CN, but once we get close we become the experimental server for their updates. At least when they post feedback with majority saying no to a feature there voice is heard unlike our version. This game is going down a steep hill with no clear sign of coming back up. I just don't understand how you can be so blinded as a company that you ignore your own player base. You know the people who play and spend money on your game. So many people were turned away from the new One Punch Man mobile game just because Oasis was running it.

At least everyone know for a fact our feedback holds no value in the eyes of Oasis. I also find it funny trying to mask it with good events, so people overlook it.

"We've never stated or promised we will make decision according to the survey results.

This specific survey was not official but it was created by our moderators, we just allowed them to post it on forum. That is all."

Then proceeds to lock thread to silence everyone.

This is confirming our feedback was ignored. I am done. People spent a lot of time to get lvl 12 glow on equipment to have it taken away (almost certain it will). There is no point to post on the forums anymore or participate in any surveys. We just need to hold out and hopefully Oasis doesn't get the rights to Naruto Mobile.

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Curious how this update is game changing? After tomorrow are people gonna say "lvl 13 refines are out lets change the meta teams!" Only thing this update does is spit in the face of everyone who worked hard to get lvl 12 refines (refine glow). Just don't understand how ignoring your player base is a smart business strategy unless you are deliberately trying to make people quit the game. Should I expect the same "breath of fresh air" like with the runestone update? (Majority also said no to that)

Naruto EN: Official experimental branch for the CN version of Naruto Online.

EDIT: Thanks for making this a game changing position 1 stacking game even more!

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  • Liez07 On 2019-09-19 10:33:20
  • Dear Daisuke,

    I will provide solutions instead to solve this. I believe this issue can be solved while everyone is happy.


    Increase the claimable amount of advance refinement rune on space time. Make it 10 per day.

    Increase the claimable amount of advance refine on group shop as well. Make it 5 per day.

    Remove advance refine from SUN shop and replace it with epic refine. Transferred the Advancee refine rune from SUN SHOP to MOON SHOP with price of 600 moon scrolls each. Make it claimable 20 per day.

    In a week a player can get up to 80k moon scrolls so that will be 133 advance refine per week.

    Space time 10 per day will be 70 advance refine per week.

    Group Shop 5 per day making it 35 advance refine per week.

    In total a player can make 238 advance refine runes per month on this features alone. In two to three months someone can level 10 their refine runes in 1 slot no problem.

    I know you are a business by doing this you will not lose the business of advance refine while making the player base happy.

    Looking forward to your coherent response.

I would love to see this implemented, but don't get your hopes up. Group shop previously had x5 (10 total) refines daily and it was nerfed to 1 (2 a day) without notice might I add. If there is an increase don't expect it to be as good as you think. Probably 2 from space time and 4 from group shop.

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