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An Open Letter to Oasis Part 2


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The only downfall of this feature is that promotes that so called "position 1 meta" which is not even the features fault because the player base created it in their wish to compete between each other blindly. So these features aren't wrong in their implementations at all except %tactics.

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No one ever told you from this company to be fair altogheter to stack move 1. Is a choice player base made and the features has little to no doing in this decision making.

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  • PainIsMyGame On 2019-09-19 19:00:03
  • I'd suggest you to think from a gaming perspective, regarding the community, arena,.... Come back when you've realized that you are wrong in almost every way out there. A simple hint if i may *they are rushing something that majority of community cant even tap in yet* So neglecting the low, mid, semy heavy players, and only targeting super whales... in short that's called greed, and quite frankly a * idea to start with, the gap is alredy there and what you wish to pu* even further.... when will people learn to use logic.... Community does not thrive on big players, it thrives on the fact that it's balanced, and somewhat capable to do it on it's own(solo friendly), without spending a bag of cash.

Every game in this planet runs as a business. They aren't making impossible to get those refines because you have ways to gather those over time so your point can't stand.

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  • Scarlettblue On 2019-09-20 06:43:03
  • Take two people that spend the same 200000 ingots on account 1 and account 2.

    Account 1 overstacks move 1,account 2 doesn't do it and fully spreads.

    Acc1 is granted to move first due to how the features work so to be able to do anything acc 2 has do be able to fully endure the hit of acc 1 and be able to do anything when his move 1 turn comes.

    Little problem: if you spread the same amount of resources over the 4 moves the enemy move 1 that also moves first gets a so big advantage thanks to injury substats that enduring the hit is not possible.

    It's fun that i have to explain to you something even a newbie knows.

    Or are you just suggesting to a sane of mind person to spend 3 times as much as an overstacking move 1 player to get the same outcome as the overstacker?

I simply don't promote "competition" . I think this answers everything.

About Injury is hard to explain how it works in conjunction with Critical or other stats or substats in this game as long as no one from Dev team made the dmg formula public. I tend not to comment on this subject.

Beside that what will happen if people will suddenly start to spread just for the fun of it? Will these features added count or the game will start be fun again? So I still keep my point that is not the features per se fault but the players who choose to pick that route.

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  • Scarlettblue On 2019-09-20 06:29:32
  • No, it simply happened because the developers didn't cap the effect of injury substat to a decent number like +30 or +50% and because they made the stu pid move to let us get all the 5 substats by simply leveling up a single feature.

    If you had to choose between getting initiative or injury and if to get both you had to spend 3 times as much as powering up your move 2 or 3 then none besides ultra whales would have been compelled to follow that route.

And something more food for thought if you want to call it this way : What is the definition of a game in general? What is the purpose of a game? For me is to get relaxed after a hard day of work and chatting with those new friends I made in that game. Will it matter if the top 1-10 or top 11-20 all have 30k more INJURY than my pos 1-2-3-4 ? Ofc not xd And the answer is simple. It won't affect my goal towards the game in any way and to be completely honest they will always have that advantage no matter what because that's how game works. Those who pay more will get the advantages according to how much they will and trying to enter in their "competition" won't fulfill my initial goal and the purpose of the game itself.

Oasis or Tencent or whoever rules over this game sets the rules so we should play after their rules right or choose not to play the game altogheter but that's is dependant to your goal or goals in this game.

May be not so realistic to set a goal like "catching up with ...." or "be number one" and again any feature added may bring you down or up but what that means? It means ntgh because also a bunch of people will be brought back or up also so you get to see your potential with new players or old ones who kept the same "level - power" as yours. For example player 1 is now below 3k your INJURY stat let's assume now he gets those refines to a certain point and he gets on a similar level to you. That could mean you can check your potential with him while maintaining your own goal. Example 2 : You raise your INJURY by refining some pieces of equipment to a certain level close to a stronger oponent and again the same thing as above applies right? So is all about how you set your goals in this game no matter the rules. The Rankings in games will always change but your goals and principles of playing will never do .

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  • Scarlettblue On 2019-09-21 06:58:22
  • objectively speaking, what you are saying makes no sense.

    You don't go to a pool house to talk to your friends, you go there to play billiards.

    You don't go to a casino to enjoy the atmosphere, you go there to play hazardous games that make you lead to win money.

    You don't go at the qualifiers of the national championship of chess to hope to find a girl, you go there to play chess and win.

    This game, if you don't compete, gives you close to nothing more than you could gain by going in a chatroom that talks about your interests.

Those examples are keen to personal goals. Beside it you go by your own will to a competition as mentioned above to earn money by winning it. In here you give money to get closer to an unrealistic goal (catching up with so called "whales"). Moreover you set those competitions while you can win them for example you don't just go without checking your chances before and you play after their rules anyway. Is up to how you manage those outcomes and in here you just go blindly keeping their rules as how they are.

You won't go to a chess championship of pros you being novice, you won't go to the International competition of pool by being novice and also casino is not the best example of game people without certain addictions will follow.

If you lament and jump into those blindly then is not their fault that you are losing not only money, maybe time but also a certain degree of mental health. Beside it the pros on those domains who are making money there could be considered "whales" in here as they invested before certain good amounts of resources to compete for big prizes and now they are pros on those fields and well they enjoy it or they are doing it because is their only source of income.

As an end note to my ideas I would say that people should treat this game as a way of relaxing (chatting with friends in here or socialising as I mentioned above could be a factor but not the only one as you could play alone or more, last being difficult because certain events demand certain interactions with other players) and not as a job and they should switch from "competitive" mindset to "creative" mindset by setting goals into this field (ninja exam , using different teams, ninjas build around a power function according to your gaming views about stats + your goals like reaching certain power level in a set amount of time). Of course there will be competitive things in this game because if not what's the point of a game but those are just there to check if your goals or ideas towards your chars building are working.

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