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An Open Letter to Oasis Part 2


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Also: DO NOT CLOSE OR DELETE THIS THREAD, PLAYERS SHOULD BE ABLE TO VENT THEIR FRUSTRATIONS. So if it gets out of hand in this thread, just delete the posts that violate the rules instead of closing this thread.

Before I begin, I had created an Open Letter to Oasis awhile back when the whole Tobei thing happened. I had hoped that feedback could make a difference in how Oasis treats its players and take our feedback more seriously. Apparently I was wrong with how current events are going. A poll was posted and with (last I knew), 75% of the players who participated (even me) voted for not having Refinement update to have the cap increased and the majority wanted it canceled. Daiske had decided to push this update anyways and ignored the feedback provided. (I would provide a Screenshot of what was said, but for privacy concerns I won't.)

I have been sick and tired of Oasis pushing around its player base constantly making changes to the game that the players didn't want to begin with. First it was X-Server SWB, majority of players didn't want it when Oasis put up the poll, they implemented it anyways cause they figured that the players wanted it. Then Daiske had pushed for Cave Key Update when most players didn't want it for the same reason they didn't want refine update. But he pushed that because "there wasn't as much of a pushback" as time went on. Then include the refinement update, it really frustrates me, that despite Oasis (more specifically Jib and QV) try and pass feedback, it is being showed what we say truly doesn't matter.

So when are the player's going to have feedback taken seriously? Oasis keeps claiming we are our own version, but it seems that Oasis doesn't care about the game or the health of the game. Frankly, I am upset due to the fact that I have a level 10 refinement that I'm going to lose its glow showing the accomplishment I had made on 1 piece of gear. Mind you, I don't use the refinement rebate (for specific reasons). It *s having our accomplishments taken away from us. Just to lock in these new refine runes behind HUGE paywalls. Like, Oasis could had waited on this AT LEAST until everyone or most players have their refinements done on at least 2 characters. And even then, this update is a huge mistake. Frankly, just how Oasis is treating us with these terrible updates. It makes me want to quit.

Oasis, why should I continue to play your game? Why should I spend more on my account?

Then you have Daiske blaming the moderators for making a poll claiming "We never stated or promise we would make decisions based on the result". But keep in mind YOUR MODERATORS ARE THE FACE OF OASIS, THEY WORK FOR YOU, THEY POST MORE THAN ANY OTHER EMPLOYEE OF OASIS. So what was the point exactly in letting players vote on a poll that was created by Mods if it wasn't going to matter to begin with? Why be so disingenuous about Oasis caring about our feedback?

~A Player Who Loves This Game

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  • Qv On 2019-09-19 00:59:54
  • Hello!

    I would like to advise people who will participate and reply to this thread. Please keep it civilized and avoid using inappropriate words if you want this thread to stay up and open. Previous threads were full of cursing and foul words, reason why it was closed. Don't say later that I didn't warn you guys but if this thread gets out of hand, I'll be the one who will close this and delete this thread. Thank you.

I'm hoping it doesn't come to that Qv, but it'd be nice to get your thoughts in this thread ^-^

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  • Proman223 On 2019-09-19 01:13:11
  • Lol, Daiske saying saying they won't be making decisions according to the survey results just shows that our voices are pretty much useless, why even participate in event feedback when they just don't ever look at it, just a waste of time lol

Also makes me wonder how much feedback is ignored even from GLs

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Please do not attack Oasis or its employees! Let's keep it civil, no passive aggressive posts towards Daiske, I'd like to keep this thread open so anyone and everyone can voice their concerns without issues.

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  • Do I Care? 2 On 2019-09-19 03:11:00
  • Renj, I just wanna give you a pat on the back for being proactive about feeling the need to speak out and voice your concerns.

    This is a step of improvement from the past, when someone of importance would need to "martyr" themselves literally every time to enact any player response that felt like it could potentially evolve into a PR outrage.

    I'm not the most knowledgable about this topic as I'm just an uber-casual, so I've little to contribute to this discussion unfortunately.

Naruto Online is the BEST MMORPG on a web browser. And to see it be treated terribly by Oasis makes me sad. I love this game. I just wish they would pull their head out of their *s and do things that HELP EVERYONE. I mean, if they made it a better game, then more people are likely to spend. But Oasis just seems to love upsetting the players.

@Daiske, Everyone who has been around the forums know very well that you are more than what you claim that you are. No one is buying your statements unfortunately. You were disingenuous from the start and have been disingenuous to the players for a long time. Which is frustrating. You gave the go ahead to the mods to post it, it was posted into the news section. Then you act like it wasn't official? I'm sorry, when people post things in the news section, its going to come off as official. Then you throw your own mods under the bus because the feedback was ignored and you gave them permission to post it?

I don't know how you expect us to believe what you're saying. I don't even think you believe the stuff that you say.

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  • Liez07 On 2019-09-19 09:48:52
  • Dear Daisuke,

    I will provide solutions instead to solve this. I believe this issue can be solved while everyone is happy.


    Increase the claimable amount of advance refinement rune on space time. Make it 10 per day.

    Increase the claimable amount of advance refine on group shop as well. Make it 5 per day.

    Remove advance refine from SUN shop and replace it with epic refine. Transferred the Advancee refine rune from SUN SHOP to MOON SHOP with price of 600 moon scrolls each. Make it claimable 20 per day.

    In a week a player can get up to 80k moon scrolls so that will be 133 advance refine per week.

    Space time 10 per day will be 70 advance refine per week.

    Group Shop 5 per day making it 35 advance refine per week.

    In total a player can make 238 advance refine runes per month on this features alone. In two to three months someone can level 10 their refine runes in 1 slot no problem.

    I know you are a business by doing this you will not lose the business of advance refine while making the player base happy.

    Looking forward to your coherent response.

I actually had a very similar idea from the one you posted. ^-^ Thanks for posting yours! Let's hope that feedback can be taken seriously and will get implemented, even in part!

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  • Daiske On 2019-09-19 10:31:30
  • I agree, we should have clearly stated such information in the thread, mistake learned.

    It is hard for us to decide such thing because what can we do? Strip mods of their powers so they can post it and then give it back to them? That would not work since they need to monitor forum. Or let some newly created account post it? Everyone would think it is a troll or just random person not worth their time. Next time we let moderators post unofficial surveys/polls, we will make sure to clearly state that it is not official one. We apologize for the confusion and all the chaos this whole situation caused.

What you can do, is be honest from the beginning. If you stated in the thread "This may not have any impact in the decision making".

That's it, there wasn't any excuse not to say it.

Though, if that was posted, you may had probably got less responses than you did. I also want to point out this was posted in the NO Community server


Which really didn't help matters as players were lead to believe our feedback was going to influence this update..

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Oasis, what are you going to do regarding Adv Refines? Let them be extremely limiting in redeems and let the Epic Refines being able to be obtained 12 a day (2 from group and 10 from Space-Time)? Or are you going to make them more available to players, more available than Epic Refines?

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  • Indra and Ashur On 2019-09-23 01:32:46
  • why are you even happy? ;/

He was posting that in nearly every thread. He is only trolling.

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  • hooya92 On 2019-09-23 04:18:27
  • in fact it's really only helping the players that are the ones that are spending a ton of money already since whales always end up first and 2nd place at least on my server so it's like they buffed the players that were already spending and said who cares to everyone else.

I used to be able to get 3rd in SWB on *t, guess what, now people in my bracket are 350k+ at the 80s bracket.

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