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An Open Letter to Oasis Part 2


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  • Tobei On 2019-09-19 01:18:18
  • Just logged in to say



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  • @Messi

    Since your post has been deleted (Rules are whatever a moderator deems it to be fyi)
    I'll only speak on the part you mentioned my name.

    No, I didn't leave because of my son. I left because of my internal disagreements with Oasis and direction the game has gone.
    I left the staff exactly at 07/12/2019 and dropped a manifesto stating my, and I quote "opinion" which Oasis has deemed false in a official post.
    You can decide that for yourself viewing it (Can't link it here for obvious reasons)

    Additionally, the Official discord was locked and eventually shut down starting from my departure.
    You can find videos of that day within Senbons youtube channel if I'm not mistaken, I even joined his stream to express my concerns.

    Anyway, if this gets deleted for expressing a very neutral standpoint from my side of things, then oh boy.
    Chinese overlords, shutting down any form of speech in a western populated region.

    Say it aint so charlie

it got shut down pretty much because you're the only one maintaining it, with you leaving and they are too lazy to do it, they rather shut it down and just maintain this forum instead since they got the power to do what they want here

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