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[ Lineup ] Rinnegan Sasuke


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Buff Sasuke Rinne Sharingan.Add chakra scalling or during explosive mode he gets two standart attacks and THEN with each kill with standart he gets aditional one. Should be great. I'm not gonna post this to suggestion thread because noone looks there. Here is good enough. Btw good lucky dice this week i approve

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If you are suggesting an update to the mods and staff, then you probably should put it in the right section as it doesn't matter if people would see it or not. You want the attention from the mods where they see.

If you want to discuss if the suggestion can work, then yeah here is fine. Mods placed suggestions in a different section so people don't spam the general section.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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Bugs and Support Section is the right place to give your suggestions and staff from that section collects all the suggestions and inputs that all users been making there. also in Customer Support. Here in General Discussion, it will be looked at and viewed by many players and also us, Moderators of this section but it is not our part to collect all suggestions that you, users been posting here even though sometimes, we are catering those requests and suggestions and we forward it to the team.

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