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[ Lineup ] Decent team for any main


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Hello, could you please help me make decent team for, preferably everything, but mainly pvp events? I don't really care about main. Also, could youtell me what's the best ninja for me to collect coupons for?

Below, I'll send the full pool of my ninjas, but in my opinion, the highlights are:

-Kurenai (full bt)

-Kabuto Sage Mode

-Kushina (Habanero)


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Few teams could be the following :
Water main shark bomb can be used with infinity combos kinda. You can add Gakido, Ningendo, Kurenai, Mei, any other ninja that supports, buffs female or your main and you'll have a team.

Full supporting team, Chiriku is an awesome support ninja making Konoha ninjas more tanky. You can do some changes here as well, for example using water main as position 2 like the following :

Changing the backline support ninja does give you always a team. Also, your weakness is mostly against full buffed ninjas.

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An option with Kabuto, chiriku can do a very solid job. You c*e Mei instead of chiriku and change the formation a bit if you'd like more buffs.

Play with the support ninjas around and you'll have some more options.

I'd suggest you additionally to slowly work towards Itachi Edo, he is a must to have ninja nowadays.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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