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Jonin Minato - worth it?


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I've been playing for a couple of month, I have only (some) of the freely available ninjas, and I saved up 13k coupons. I'm wondering if Jonin Minato in the current event worth to buy for a player like me? 80 fragments would cost 8960 coupons right now, the majority of my savings. Should I buy him, should I save more for later and get even more powerful ninjas in a future deal? I don't really have a specific route I want to take, so it's all open right now.

Thanks for any input!

PS: maybe I put this in the wrong section as it's not really a strategy question. Sorry about that, feel free to move the post somewhere else!

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by all means do it. high damage output especially when you put kid kakashi and kid obito as his assists, refreshes his mystery, scales his own attack, what's not to like?

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By all means do NOT get him. Don't waste your hard earned cps especially in your case a new f2p player. A year ago jonin was arguably the best offensive 1v1 ninja in the game now he's washed up and completely overshadowed by six paths naruto, kakuzu deidara etc. it's too late to get him now, he's just not good anymore, his damage has fallen off extremely hard and by that i mean his bond skill is literally the only thing in his kit thats gonna deal actual decent dmg and its every 2 rnds. His standard reset ratio is * even with the scaling plus his dmg scaling is absolutely nonexistent. Btw upon release his passive used to boost crit rate and combo but it was legit game breaking at the time so they changed it to what it is today. Anyway he's just not worth it my dude rather save up those 13k cps and buy yourself a six paths naruto. He's every budget players best competitive choice.

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As the above comment stated, I'd as well suggest from my side to rather focus towards six paths Naruto. You can really build easy teams with him and he'll be a lot more helpful in all the game modes. Jonin Minato would mostly need a very decent support and he is squishy. I'd suggest you to get him later if you really want him that badly, but starting from Naruto, will give you lots of time to collect some more recourses.

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