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So,it seems Im always late for meta that runs at the moment.Get J Minato and Shisui,sosp comes in play,get sosp,Kakuzu get trials.So what will be next?Should i go directly for edo Minato?Or 8 tails Bee?Both looks strong in clips from China i seen.

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Don't worry about the meta, run line ups you enjoy. ^-^

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Not worth trying to focus on getting ninjas that are or will be meta if you wont enjoy them

So just run a team that is fun to use

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kakuzu kushina bee all of them are meta

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The thing is,i can get Kushina right now,4 stars.But cant get edo Yagura 4 stars.And Im afraid that,when i manage to BT Yagura,meta will change to next ninja.I might be f2p,but dont enjoy having my ass kicked by players with same,or lower power than me,just because they run current meta.

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Kakuzu will stay meta for one or two years from now on due to position 1 stacking.

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Kakuzu will continue to remain strong even after a lot of other things have been added. He is versatile and a lot of the other things that can counter him, has lineups that will help mitigate his downsides (i.e. Minato bond barrier, run gaara skill trial. Run a edo itachi for a mirror and an awesome debuff)

Run whatever you want to, of course, being a slave to the meta isn't that fun in my opinion and gets old after a month for me. Granted, I still have groupmates that just continue with 6 paths naruto.

Only other suggestion I would have would be to get the breakthroughs of Kushina, Yagura, Minato, Deidera, or Killer Bee IF you have the ninjas recruited already. The Oasis system of 4 star breakthroughs is complete bull* and its not worth it to try and buy a ninja again just to start with their skill trials.

Kakuzu is the only exception. Future ninjas, Deidera [Akatsuki Inception] looks decent but don't look to CN that much for lineups or ninjas to get. Kabuto [Sage Mode] was supposed to be an uber OP ninja but he's complete garbage here.

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I will get edo Itachi first,then i think to choose Bee.Minato is strong,but require a lot of ninjas i dont have for his barrier.Bee is same price as Kakuzu,so far I seen.And is look more fun.

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Or go for power and Shark Bomb everyone but as you wanted a ninja maybe Kakuzu is the safest and best bet right now.

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Edo minato with books is going to be the new go to 1v1 powerhouse thats gonna succeed kakuzus era. He might pop up in fuku deals but either way piece him now before oasis paywalls the fawk out of his fragments

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Run whatever you want that make you laugh and enjoy the game, kakuzu probably the most boring ninja to ever see at-least six path had cool animation and a whole style and base off a character

Kakuzu just there to be there, but if you wanna get easy wins then sure why not but I can promise you he's kinda stale and boring get to hear his *HRUMPGH* every time he standards and he steals people hearts :D

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