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Edo Hashirama Drop Rate in Treasure Pulls


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i noticed there are fewer ninja cards as rewards for the Time Limited Treasure II compared to GNW treasure.

does this mean the rate of Edo Hashirama dropping is better for such? curious if i should start doing more treasure pulls in Time Limited Treasure II

hope mods have an answer for this

thank you

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okay thanks.

i will farm from GNW because everyone thinks i get it faster

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Realistically, farm Edo Hashi from GNW since its always there. Only time I wouldn't is if you want a particular edo jinchuriki while having the required seals for it.

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so does this mean i should farm either because both have same edo hashi drop rates?

what are other opinions?

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As far as I know, that the rates of Hashirama Senju [Edo Tensei] from Time Limited Treasures and the Great Ninja War Treasure are just the same. Though I admit some of our players claim that they got more from Time Limited Treasure rather than the Great Ninja War Treasure when they used their seal scrolls there but still, RNGs and Rates might differ for each player.

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Same chance: average of 3030 rolls to get 80 frags, (cn states the chance as 1:3030, i have no reason to think our one is different since the numbers we are seeing agree with this too).

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