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[ Help ] doesayone have information about Treasury Map?


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I'm not sure if someone made a thread regarding your inquiry but as far as I know and from my personal experience digging some treasures, here are the things that I always get:

- Coins

- Silver Experience Pig (I forgot, but I think you c*so get the Bronze version here)

- Tactic Pages (Ghost Kill, Goose Wood, Sun Move, Sparrow Thorn, Windmill)

- Medium Thread

- Level 1 Magatamas

- Dango

- Seal Scroll Fragments

- Summon Scroll Fragments

- Stamina Potion

That's the list of items my Treasury Logs have from my previous digging. If something is not yet in the list then maybe you guys can add it below. Thank you :))

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  • MiqellDestroyer On 2019-09-13 10:45:04
  • thanks!! do you know if it gives exp to the main character?

As far as I know, it isn't. I might be wrong but you may try it. I always do Treasury on auto so I'm not noticing it. Sorry.

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