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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 380


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Hey people, just beat Ninja Exam 380 and since I only saw 4 videos of people going through it I thought I'd share how I beat it. A little bit about my team, it is 360k power with at least 10k int on every position.Kushina is nearly fully breakthrough with Gold on everything but her healing passive and Iruka is also nearly fully breakthrough. However, you definitely need the scaling on Kushina and the mystery to hit 4 targets, the rest are good to have but I don't know if they are mandatory. For Iruka you want the shield passive to go off before each action instead of at the beginning. Minato also has his bond barrier so you need the other 3 edo hokages. 380


Round 1: Use kushina mystery on the Kabuto Cloak after she receives the Iruka buffs. This should either kill or be close to killing him after full combo.

Round 2: Use Kushina mystery on the Hashirama. Use Iruka to either finish off Sasuke Susanoo or Kabuto Cloak. Use Water main to heal.

Round 3: Use Kushina mystery on bottom hirzuen and Edo Minato to interrupt Sasuke Susanoo, Kurama Naruto, and Minato.

Round 4: Depends, what you want is for all your mysteries to be back up for the beginning of wave 2.

Wave 2:

Round 1: After Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear ] attacks, you should be able to use your mysteries. Kushina the Kabuto [Sage Mode] should outright kill him with the scaling.

Iruka the Madara [Great Ninja War], then Edo Minato him as well. You need to both kill the GNW Madara, Hashirama [Edo Tensei], and Sage Mode Jiraiya, as well as interrupt Edo Itachi. After getting damage, heal with water main.

Round 2: Target middle lineup with Kushina, should kill the rest of the lineup. (My minato would die here, its fine)

Round 3: Kushina and Iruka both target Hiruzen, Kushina to kill him and Iruka to interrupt his reaper seal.

Round 4: Rest should be mopping up, your Kushina should be killing people left and right.

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I don't understand how you passed this, I keep trying for 3 hours, and Minato just doesn't survive most of the time....

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