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[ Fanfiction ] Funny Moments of MB: The Darkslayer (Part 4)


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1st Comic (cute moment): "Kazuya loves everybody"

Kazuya: *hugs his mother* I love you, mom... *blush*

Breeze: *hugs his son and kisses his cheek* Hihihi, I love you too, my dear baby...

*With Azure now* ( *coughs* Azure x Nero / Kazuya *coughs* )

Kazuya: *hugs Azure* I-I-I love you... A-Auntie Azure... *blushes a lot*

Azure: *blush, hugs him, and kisses his forehead* Owww... I love you too, my love...

*With Scarlet now*

Kazuya: *hugs Scar* I love you... Uncle Scarletty...

Scarlet: *hugs him* I love you too, dear nephew...

Kazuya: *uses his energy wings and hugs him with them* NO! I love you more! *blushes a lot*

Scarlet: *uses his SDT wings and hugs him with them* Nope. I love you more...

*With Midnight now*

Kazuya: *hugs him* I-I-I love you... dad...

Midnight: *blushes and hugs him* I love you too...

Kazuya: *uses his energy wings and hugs him with them* NO! YOUR SON LOVES YOU MORE! *infinite blush*

Midnight: *uses his SDT wings and hugs him with them* Maybe... but I love you.

2nd Comic:

Kazuya: Hey, father!

Midnight: Hmm?

Kazuya: Did you really sometimes called me "Nero"?

Midnight: Nelo...?

Kazuya: No... I've said "Nero".

Midnight: NELO?!

Kazuya: Uh... are you okay, dad?

Midnight: *trauma face*

Kazuya: Hmm?


*5 minutes later*

Midnight: *crying*

Breeze: *petting his head* There, there, it's okay...

Kazuya: What the hell?

Scarlet: Maybe you like to see this... *shows Kazuya a picture of Midnight when he was Nelo Angelo*

Kazuya: Oh... oops... my mistake.

3rd Comic (Azure and Kazuya moment):

*Kazuya was sleeping on the couch*

Azure: Ohh... it's just... so cute see him sleeping... he's like a baby...

*After those words, Azure sit next to him, and Kazuya unconsciously rested his head on her legs*

Azure: *blushed* You're so cute... sometimes... *pets his cheek*

Kazuya: *wokes up* Huh...? Auntie Azure...?

Azure: Hey! You've woke up, sleepy one! *giggles*

Kazuya: Well, I was trying to sleep, but a memory passed through my head...

Azure: What did you remember?

Kazuya: I've remembered when Scarlet called me "deadweight". And I was thinking... am I a deadweight now?

*weird silence and Azure approaches his face to Kazu's face*

Azure: No...

Kazuya: *blushes*

Azure: *kisses his cheek* You're MY deadweight.

Kazuya: *smiles and closes his eyes again*

Azure: *smiles and blushes* Hihihi...

4th Comic:

*M meets V*

M: Hm...

V: You're like me, huh? Do you have familiars?

M: Yup, you mean... Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare?

V: Yup. And... what are you reading?

M: A compilation of William Blake's poems.

V: I love those poems too!

M: Hehe...

V: You and I we're going to be best friends, I think...

M: Maybe... I like the idea *smiles*

V: By the way...

M: Hm?

V: Why do you paint your nails on black?

M: *sees his black nails* Because I like it.

V: Hm... ok then... so, do you wanna walk a little?

M: Ok.

*And then M and V started a good friendship :3*

5th Comic:

Midnight *thinking*: All right, Mid... you f*cked it up everything. You almost kills the human race... again. You left your wife and son alone, and you always wanna have power. I really wanna know what type of life passed my son... Maybe Scarlet can tell me something about him...

Midnight: Scarlet, you... HUH?!

Scarlet: *reading Midnight's book* UGGGGHHHHHH...

Midnight *takes his Yamato*: I WILL KILL YOU!!!

Kazuya: *stops Midnight* STOP FIGHTING YOU TWO!!


6th Comic:

*Scarlet eating an Ice cream with Kazu. Suddenly... Scarlet ends his ice cream and takes a little of Kazu's ice cream. But the blonde one, gived the ice cream to his "Funcle" with a smile*

Scarlet: Hehe... thanks.

*A few days later, Scarlet was eating an ice cream with Midnight. Again, Scarlet ended his ice cream and takes a little of Midnight's ice cream*

Scarlet: Let me take-...

Midnight: *angry face* Nobody... Touches.... MY...

Scarlet: ... oh, oh.


7th Comic:

*Midnight was trying to put his tie, because his son will get married that day*

Scarlet: Hey, Midnighty, are you ready? You've been with that all da-

Midnight: *takes off his tie, angry* DANG IT!

*10 minutes later*

Breeze: Hey, Scar. Did you saw my husband?

Scarlet: *points Midnight* It's right there... having another panic attack...

*Midnight was sitting on a chair, moving his foot very nervous*

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I love all of you XD

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  • I love all of you XD

Hehehe xD

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