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[ Ranked Battles ] Help Lineup Ranked Please (Lv 57)


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You can try the following lineup in ranked battle for now :

This should be your main team, you got anbu special tactic which will pretty much give leech you the whole team of your side.

Here is a team that can take some attacks and tank in general. Neji got the taunt and you got some healing and a solid survival overall. You can place this team in the middle if you want. Kabuto instead of Sakura works just as good as well.
Another semi-tanking team that works okay at the start. Hidan will do some damage against a ninja in the opponent lineup and even leech a bit. You c*e Normal Itachi instead of him as well. Do not worry about the different launched barriers by the way, your survival will be solid overall, so you'll be fine.

Make sure to collect some ninjas overtime as you play and to farm all the purple summoning from the map.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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