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[ Help ] Ultimate training Question


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Hi guys, i finished all survivel training and force attack battles, i am level 89 and all that's left is the speed challenge from ultimate training and my question is: when you finish the speed one too do you get some reward for finishing all challenges?(i got pain(tendo).

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no unfortunately...when you complete the 3 trails the ultimate training is officially over...and pain tendo is the highest reward you could get on it alongside with the other rewards you get with him such as charm materials and magatamas.....maybe in the future the system could update the ultimate training to make it have more stages and new rewards too....

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Like what he said above, Ultimate Training can only offer you a full complete fragment of Pain - Tendo together with other item rewards such as Charms for upgrading your Equipment's Charm Level and Tool Essences that you can ụse for Reforging your Ninja Tools. My advice for you is, fini* up until the end, the rewards are not that significant but it will help you a bit for your progress in some part of the game.

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thanks for the advice.

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