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Ninja Exam 340


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how to:

1st round use gaaras barrier (in case kurutsuchi controls him wait until the end of the round and then use gaaras barrier because onoki is going to interrupt it otherwise)

2nd round click on danzo and wait for him to start casting, he doesn't go right away because he needs 80 chakra for his mystery. Ult Danzo with Konan and wait out Onoki then ult with Gaara.

3rd round you try to stall for cooldowns and trust your ninjas to finish off whats left on the field with standard attacks.

4th/5th round you sit and pray your main spams clones to frontline for your field. Also It's essential that konan combos with her standard so that your main gets an extra standard for additional clones.

5th/6th round you barrier up with gaara or ideally you already have the barrier up from the previous round (that depends on the rng on your run).You combo with both gaara and konans mysteries then reset cds with your mystery.

That should do it

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