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[ Strategy Share ] KAKUZU Annoying


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All lineup now is Kakuzu, any suggestion to counter this team?

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yeah dude best counter play is for you to buy him too lol if you cant beat them join them hehe

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Anything that deals with suppressing super armor and some chase with immobile or chakra drain. It helps if you are faster and if you aren't, it helps if you are really tanky (have superb elemental resistance).

If you have armor suppressors like gnw Obito, shizuka, or especially shira, you can deal with Kakuzu users below, at, and slightly above your bp. They need ninjas that will immobile on chase or drain chakra like naruto so6p, kisame shark mode, 5k madara, shikamaru, for example. gnw Obito can suppress and immobile on chase as long as his mystery is chained that way.

They also need added resistance/defense from like earth or wind main. You c*e fire main because of mirror and a shield he can give, but he is squishy on kakuzu's mystery compared to earth and wind main. If you use shizuka, light main goes good with her. If you encounter too many kakuzu teams with edo 'tachi, add kurenai to your team.


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Edo Itachi, Kimono Itachi are 2 decent options. Edo Itachi can let you put Kakuzu to sleep for 3 rounds, then you have Kimono Itachi to make Kakuzu Teams think twice about gaining chakra. Personally, I'd lean towards Kimono Itachi as he can put to sleep a line of units on standard.

You also have Kakashi Beheading Sword which can reduce Kakuzu's Damage by a lot.

Just some options to think about. Of course, none of these ninjas will help you when these people use him at around 300k+ and you're only 200k

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Some ideas and input from my side. There are many counters for Kakuzu currently, however, like Kakuzu meta himself, it needs some time and specific builds to get these. As stated above, a great option is to really use some super armor suppressing ninjas. Shira is a great ninja and he can counter Kakuzu, however, he needs a lot of support. What I was testing myself and was working perfectly are different combinations of him with examples such as :

a)Shira - Minato Hokage - Ningendo ( Of course you need all the skill breaks of Ningendo, especially the chakra stealing chase, including his immunity to debuffs passive)
b)Shira - Itachi Edo - Hokage Minato/Gakido/Ningendo/any other strong healing-cleansing-buffing support

You'll always need someone to buff you resistance in the team and be a really strong support for your Shira. Earth main is of course preferable. I managed to counter up till 50-60k power difference of Kakuzus with the above, more, is almost impossible. Haven't tried tho for a long time.

In general, recent skill trials and skill broken ninjas can counter him more ideas can be with Killerbee. His eight tails version is really amazing and can counter Kakuzu if you manage to give him a strong enough support. Edo Itachi and Edo Minato barrier or anything else that you think will help him be around some rounds is enough. You must be in general careful about that Kakuzu reset mystery, you'll have to be right on timing, otherwise your opponent may end up interrupting you.

Other team is our famous Yagura Edo - Kushina team, It's a team that can scale so much and be so tanky, self heals non stop and that will eventually kill Kakuzu. Like the other builds however, it also needs a lot of time and investment to get them both these breaks.

There are some more teams around, but mostly, or actually almost always, you need specific ninjas to be able to counter him. If you are slower than the opponent, you must be extremely careful. If you are faster, you can even try out some water main shark bomb teams, she won't have any issue to bring him down.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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How do we get shira?

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There is not many counters to Kakuzu.
You talk about shira, but well, on papper why not. But if he is faster he can interrupt + kakuzu have easy 250%defense scale, even more easy to get if you play the kind of team you suggest.

Hokage minato buff is good idea indeed. Ningendo too but with the original mirror +2 (resistance buff)

Edo itachi is a "counter", where the position 1 is god, itachi will only control failed. Or rarely success. But w/e, everyone running katsuyu lvl3 and kakuzu team have plenty of chakra to clean it. And itachi is too squishy. Even with his 50%nin reduction passiv.

Ibiki is a better counter imo, if he do not get OS by kakuzu myst round1 without any counterplay

Kushina + yagura is a legend (maybe you talk in arena ?). You really think yagura can survive long time enought ? I tried it and nope, since position 1>>> pos2, yagura will die round3 and it will be Kushina vs kakuzu till round10. And since kakuzu have 250%defense scaling, you know the end.

Actual real counters are edo minato barrier + weakness passiv (aka not easy to get) + chakra drain round1 (if they do not get OS or interrupted round1) + weakness debuff ninjas (so not much ninjas, or overpriced ninjas).

Or like the guy said, play the ugly braindead Kakuzu too.

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  • Onok1ツ On 2020-04-05 14:23:53
  • How do we get shira?

Shira was spring's seasonal ninja last year. He's rare right now.

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Edo Minato,combined with Kushina.My Kakuzu team lose often to that combination.

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hey hey hey calm down there

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