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[ Events ] Naruto[Ronin] 80k Ingots???


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  • As it stands I'm pretty sure a lot of event ninjas are priced at 2400 in China as it seems to be a standard of sort. Still Naruto[Ronin] is super premium requiring the theoretical usage of 800USD.

    Simply refusing information because they are different versions shows you are not willing to learn. Its good to compare different versions as to get an idea of what the economy looks like. Although its true you can only get 14 fragments through this method it is still the only direct quantifies we have on the English side.

    I still like to also draw a parallel to china since it is essentially the original version.

    A good thing to point out is that Chojuro SB/ST have not been released yet here, but in was released way before Naruto[Ronin] in China. Both in essence server the same role and the early introduction to Naruto[Ronin] even at an incredible high cost pushes out Chojuro chance to shine.

it's 1800 not 800. 80k is closer to like 1600 or so. Your maths are off. Which makes it worse becaue again he's way more expensiv then he needs to be. Honestly I'm of the opinion that if ninja' were cheape such as ronin being 2400 coupons/ignots etc it'd give people faster more access to ninja's an better team buildding iversity sinc they'd be able to get them way faster instead of a f2p waiting 6 months to get one 20k ninja.

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