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Ninja Exam 334 (Earthmain)


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I haven't seen any actual working tutorials on how to pass 334 so I decided to post something i found on a chinese youtube like platform.

Notes: 1st off If your main doesn't use his immunity passive on Hiruzen you retreat and try again. 2nd. Hiruzen and Gaara should both be geared so split your post 1 stack equally between the two.

How to:

* Start of the 1st round immediately use Bees ult on Hiruzen, this way bees gonna take all the aggro from Samui and Ginkaku. Use Gaaras barrier then wait until the end of the round and use Earths ult.

* As round 2 starts click on Mifune and use Gaaras ult. If that doesn't delete most of top lane then you might need to retreat but not necessarily.

* Round 3 you can safely use Hiruzens ult to clean up whats left on the field then you perma spam Bees ult on himself in order King of Hell to continue stacking poison on the bots.

If that doesn't work THEN CASH UP ***


(Hey please avoid insulting or using any bad words. Angel~)

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Lol, that name. Soldmom4ingots hahaha. U the real MVP!

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can i replace edo hiruzen by tenten gnw ?

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It works. Thanks man ^^

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Nice strategy, it worked for me except that i used madara instead of bee and swapped him and main.

220k power

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