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does this game has more to offer?


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this is just a rant just need to vent some frustration.

lately the game has become monotonous and quite frustrating lately, there is nothing interesting to do, there are no colabs, no new events and the game is heavily gated because the stamina or levels (story), most of the events are P2W (like the whole game) and aside from the daily missions there is nothing to do aside from those (supper unfair) ninja exams, as a F2P i feel like i had not make any progress and i am still using the same team for more than 1 year (cause minato jounin is my only good ninja) and when i see guys with like 6-7k power with top tier ninjas the frustration increases, i mean i have been playing this game for a long time and its getting more annoying to play this game because if i dont focus on power i will be left behind but if i do i will not get new ninjas, i know is somewhat my fault because in the beginning i thought this was a normal hero colector not a p1 stackfest so my resources are all over the place, my power is 145k but not by this game standards cause i loose vs a guy at 100k cause their p1 is supper stacked, tbh the only thing keeping me in this game is the time i already invested here.

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If you're expecting huge changes, then don't. This game play is quite common in browser games. Eventually these type of games start to plateau in adding interesting to the game. I think majority of people here are staying just to continue out of habit as they most likely spent a lot of time and/or money into the game.

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Keep in mind, Naruto Online is the BEST Browser MMO Game that there currently is. Most other browser MMOs, does the combat for you or even plays the game for you entirely.

The idea of a stamina system needs to be removed. You want players to KEEP playing, rather than LIMIT what players can do. If a MMO on a web browser does that, it'll be the best Browser MMO or a step in the right direction.

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