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[ Help ] Time-Limited Treasure Cycle


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Hello, I wanted to ask if there is a known cycle for jinchuriki limited treasures.
Right now for example we have Time-Limited Treasure I (the one with Edo Yagura and Edo Fuu) is it known when will they open this treasure again after its time ends?
Or is it known when are they going to open the Time-Limited Treasure II again?

I looked it up online and I can't find these treasures's cycles so if anyone knows this please do tell.
Thank you.

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The two treasures come usually on a monthly basis. From what I've seen, it alternates between Jin 1 and Jin 2.

This time is Jin 1, but when it's gone, the next time a Time Limited Treasure, or TLT, pops up, it'll be Jin 2. Jin 1's Yagura+Fu, Jin 2's Han+Roshi. I'm simply using this due to not wanting to correct the earlier messages and realizing that I already said Jin 1 and 2. It's not to be confused with the actual non TLT Jin 1+2.

They usually come out on a monthly basis, usually near the middle of the month. So about two or so weeks in between each one's appearance. Jin 2 will likely appear next on either the 12th or 19th of September, and after this week's events, Jin 1 will likely re-appear on the 10th or 17th of October. I'd be willing to bet they'd be the earlier dates.

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That's great thanks Resilliance!

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