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[ Suggestions ] New ninja and battle armor add?


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Naruto [Fourth Hokage Cloak]

Mystery: Flying Rajin Rasengan: Causes low float and 10 hit combo. If tagged causes immobilize to the selected tag unit.

Attack: Rasengan: causes damage to the row behind them, causes low float.

Passive: Konoha's hero: raises 40% attack and ninjutsu for konoha ninjas.

Chase: revolving rasengan: Chases low float causes knockdown, tag and 10 hit combo.

Chase: rasenshuriken: triggered with at least 10 combo, dealing damage to 4 ninjas causing ignition.


This is not relevant to the new character but i want to see if y'all can make an akatsuki battle armor for the main character.

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Yeah i think so.



freejobalert gimp notepad++

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