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power increasing at higher levels


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whats the best/fastest way to gain power without using ingots or coupons? i'm currently saving up and i've found that when i do my power gain slows drastically. anybody have any good ideas for power gain?

also, i'm a f2p level 93 with 115k power so need power increasing ideas for higher levels :D


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You can give up of getting any ninja frags from events,and focus all free points you get on power items.Its slow,but allow you to gain some power while saving those coupons.

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Hello! Just like Bogotor said, you c*e your free points from events to redeem power-up items instead of getting ninja frags. One of the best items to redeem is Training Potions, it is basically one of the regular items that usually shows up in events weekly. You c*so redeem items like Ninja Assist Optional Pack, Myoboku Cultivation Pack and other items that can give power boost. Personally speaking, that's what I'm doing, the only thing that I always redeem are power-up items and only selected ninja's frag (Naruto [Sage of Six Paths] and Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei]).

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