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370 exam


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For Deid, mystery and scaling needs to be maxed, you need both the suppression of super armor and prevention of revival from mystery, and 3% scaling is probably not enough. I know someone only have those 2 skill maxed who have passed all exam. I personally have maxed everything but the standard and did it all at 410k BP. Also, Edo Hiruzen won't be able to survive 370, you might want to take someone else who has cc on chase and can combo with the team for extra protection and dmg, and focus on poison all puppets to death to stack up deid anyway. I have max scaling, and I still used all 10 rounds to scale up Edo Deid for max dmg wave 2.

For Kakuzu, w/o mystery sb, you MIGHT be able to pass 370, but 380 will be hell. So you might want to get that sb.

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