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Ninja Exam 380 (No Kakuzu EGF or Edo Deidara)


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here is my lineup passing ninja exam 380 without using EGF Kakuzu or Edo Deidara:

X , Edo Minato , X

Lightning Main , Chiriku , Kushina (Habenero)

X , X , X

talents : 3,4,3,1,2

summon : Gamaken? (x2 repulse to knockdown)


wave 1:

use kushina mystery at the end of R1 to top team (i targeted Hashi), edo minato mystery targeting kabuto. drag out the first wave to round 10 but make sure both kushina and minato are ready to mystery start of next wave.

wave 2:

wait for kakuzu to use mystery then target hiruzen with both kushina and minato. i then focused from the top down.



make sure chiriku has the lowest hp and obviously stack kushina and use +nin/crit passive

kuahina habanero: skillbroken +2 passive

edo minato: reg @3* no barrier

chiriku: 4*

that overall team power 380k

pos1 init: 29k

reason for not using kakuzu: dont have him

reason for not using edo deidara: only 3*

hope it helps :)

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