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[ Help ] Is it possible to report someone?


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Hey Guys ! How you all doing ?

We have a big Troublemaker on the Server. I´am playing on S1326 Charm - Male.

I sadly had to kick the Server Strongest from our Group. He griefed our Ninja War Packs and wanted to kick out all low / medium power players.

Now the day before this all happend he messaged me sayin how he comes from a poor Country and lives in poor Condition and wanted me to recharge for him. I of course refused. Since then I´am getting harassed on a Daily Basis. Everyday I will get a message saying : You are a French Dog haw haw (I told him I was French)
He also harasses and messages many other People of our Group on a Daily Basis.
I have no way to blacklist him since I don´t have him in my FriendsList at first.
I tried to have normal conversation with him telling him that I´am fine with whatever he does plunder us etc but he needs to stop the racist comments towards me and the harassment towards my other Group Members.
His answer : French Dog.

I screenshotet the French Dog of course.

Is there anything I can do about this? Its seriously getting on everyones mood.. this dude is so toxic

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