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[ Help ] Is it possible to report someone?


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Hey Guys ! How you all doing ?

We have a big Troublemaker on the Server. I´am playing on S1326 Charm - Male.

I sadly had to kick the Server Strongest from our Group. He griefed our Ninja War Packs and wanted to kick out all low / medium power players.

Now the day before this all happend he messaged me sayin how he comes from a poor Country and lives in poor Condition and wanted me to recharge for him. I of course refused. Since then I´am getting harassed on a Daily Basis. Everyday I will get a message saying : You are a French Dog haw haw (I told him I was French)
He also harasses and messages many other People of our Group on a Daily Basis.
I have no way to blacklist him since I don´t have him in my FriendsList at first.
I tried to have normal conversation with him telling him that I´am fine with whatever he does plunder us etc but he needs to stop the racist comments towards me and the harassment towards my other Group Members.
His answer : French Dog.

I screenshotet the French Dog of course.

Is there anything I can do about this? Its seriously getting on everyones mood.. this dude is so toxic

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You can definitely report the player. Go to our Bugs and Support Section and look for the Misbehaviour Thread. Follow the instructions written on the thread and provide the screenshots that you took for the evidence. But make sure that the said screenshots aren't cropped (It should contain the Time and Date Stamp). You c*so contact the Moderators from that Section to have faster responses. You can ạlso try reporting through our Customer Support by clicking the "?" bụtton at the top right of your game screen.

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