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[ PVP ] GNW eats a lot of time and boring 6 paths


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Just burned our time watching and waiting from field's 2nd and 3rd waves points of view wherein we are stucked in gnw interface with those very long fights of 6paths jumping around in our monitors and takes 20+ mins to get the field win or maybe Time-outs especially to those mergers that have 3 rounds of local gnws every Saturday. Maybe usage of one 6 paths or a distinct ninja per field at a time will reduce those long fights and ease some boredom and maybe test those group strats and members talk more. What u guys think?

PS. Sorry for the long wall of text.

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Well at least now meta are slowly but surely shifting to 2 path those who slowly collect Kakuzu fragment and those who are doing Kushina fragment,third path may available if Oasis one day decide to fukuro rebate ronin .

With Gaara kazekage being on trial-able expect more round 10 fight in gnw as they keep stacking the shield over and over again.

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Well, can't blame our group and those other groups who are devoted to win.

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Just like my server, 4 active groups, and we all go to Xgnw, so no point in tryhard, and in regards to ballruto, get used to it, u gonna see alot of him, except from whales who use kakuzu nowadays, or edo hiruzen(in SWB).

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Plus we're in 3rd merged wherein more than half of our Xgnw cluster are in the same server now and those players are still in their respective groups so local and cross server GNWs dont have so much difference.

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2019-08-19 05:52:47
  • You know, after your fight is over in the field you're placed in, You can leave the GNW Interface right?

Yep. I do know that but we're in this scenario that fields' 1st waves consisting of 3x3 narutos eats good at least 20mins and when our 1st wave managed to win after 10 rounds, there's another 3 6 paths formation, thus resulting to time-outs and its just waste of time.

Note: 7-8 active groups in GNW with us facing good 3/5 gnws in local and 2 or maybe 3/3 in x server

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You know, after your fight is over in the field you're placed in, You can leave the GNW Interface right?

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Imho, all high caliber ninjas (either by stats or by talents) can cause 10-round fights. A sb kakuzu and certain fights with kushina, for example, will cause the same thing. So, even if you have distinct ninjas per field, you can still find yourself in 10-round battles.

Just want to add, I think some fights are long because of position stacking. Stacking at a certain point makes most ninjas pretty tough to killl. Even a p1 light main stuck in an immobile/chaos trap can last 10 rounds if stacked decently.

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