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[ Lineup ] Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero] breakthrough lineups


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Some clarifications:

1) chase +1: it doesn't only reduce the cd by two rounds but also DAMAGES HER TWICE that means two free stacks of the selfbuffs.

2) passive Uzumaki clan resist y+1: while indeed in general the critical nin one is better there are situations where this one is better (ninja exams mostly)

3) passive diversion y+1: the reason why you don't think this one is useful is because you don't consider the interaction it has with wind main passive 'chakra coordination'. Getting 40 chakra while also selfhealing by 32% in a situations with chakra stealers may be better than the simple 40% selfhealing.

That said miss here two of the strongest teams that are actually with wind main (weird that a wind ninja works good with wind main, true?)

Wind main edo yagura full sb

Edo fu kushina habanero full sb

X x x

Talents: sand dust or dance, clones or repulse ignition, repulse to knockdown chase, flower guard or wind enhancement, *y harem.

The second team is with edo roshi in the place of edo fu, Talents: 42144.

This one in particular will be extremely op once we get edo roshi trials.

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  • Added for Scarlett,

    Wind Main, Chakra Coordination breakthrough upgrades to 15%.

    Also if you play with Edo Roshi, Kushina gets 30, (total of 50) chakra coordination healing buff also.

Yep, it's 15% not 16%, my fault, and yes with edo roshi in that case she gets 20 chakra instead of selfhealing but gets healed by wind main and at that moment she c*e mystery and gets healed again twice (once for her passive that triggers the 2nd time and once for roshi's passive activation). In the case of chakra stealing enemies, this is quite a huge impact.

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