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Fuku deal, solution for everyone


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I have a little suggestion for everyone (players + devs)
Instead of just putting ninjas frags in fuku deal, You can replace it with Packs

those packs can give between 6 different frags
for example :
5* Naruto sosp
5* Minato edo
5* kakashi sus
5* sasuke rinn
5*itachi edo
5* kabuto sage

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You have a good idea there, anyhow I will note it and see what the team can do. For further inputs and/or suggestions, you may visit our Bugs and Support section and make a thread with a "suggestion" topic or look for the Events Feedback Form at the News Section to give your thoughts and inputs about the events. Thank you :))

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i agree on packs instead format
in total 80 frags of a ninja but with multiple selection of different ninja in the packs instead of being force to get that certain ninja

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Great idea, also I'd like to add that they should also bring more power item fuku deals, and not just the 30k ones but maybe a 20k power item fuku.

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+1 Supporting this idea.

Advanced Ninja Optional Pack like the one we are having for Great Plate would be nice.

If we can do for Great Plate, Im sure they can do it for Fuku.

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would be good if their goal was to help f2p, but their goal is to make things very hard for f2p so they begin to pay. that's why fuku deal is made this way, it's a bone they threw so that f2p think is still possible to do something and don't quit, but if they put there packs with multiple choices a f2p would get what he wants relatively fast and also without necessarily spending 20/30k in a row in a specific event (since would be actually fine to spend 8k-10k for 3 months consecutively to get the same outcome).

so no, won't happen, unless oasis ceases to behave like they did for the last 3 years.

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