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how do i become a wanted ninja?


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So how exactly do you become a wanted ninja and be able to plunder people. ive heard that you have to defeat another wanted ninja three times. ive done that and nothing happens. how do i do it?

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During convoy event plunger someone. 1 successful plunger will make you "wanted". If you get beat up 3 times by a player while under this status, that player will then trigger a system message, saying they are so strong...etc

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About your question, you don't have to be a wanted ninja to be able to plunder someone, thus plundering someone will make you a wanted ninja (players that have red circles below them). Now, if you attack a player that is on the wanted status and you defeat him/her, it will gain you a reward which is coins. Attacking a wanted player 3 times will remove his/her wanted status.

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