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[ Lineup ] Sasuke[Rinne Sharingan] Lineup


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Can anyone help me with a team with Sasuke Rinne please? There is my ninjas and summons.

I just get him and i don`t know how to make a team with him.

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Great one;.

usps tracking

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Was thinking about the same lineups with the ninjas he has right now :)

But I would definitly use Root of warrior as 2nd passive, I mean c'mon debuff immunity and res buff is always great.

For first passive, anbu is great, you could also use warrior's killing intent, depends on what you prefer, heal or mystery cooldown reset.

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Sasuke does best work at the moment with Fire main or Lightning Main for you, since you can run the reset passive. Some team combinations could be the following:
If you'd like to play something more safe, you could use the instead of Iruka a support ninja instead, for example Gakido Pain, Ningendo, Ino GNW or whichever other ninja may buff him or support the team. The same style would work with earth main as well by the way.
What concerns lightning main, it's always best to have Sasuke in a formation, which you c*most make sure your opponent will always go ahead and hit him, so they can have issues. Root will not last long and these teams are really a glass cannon and risky.

In general, Sasuke mostly works if you buff him, but there are many more ideas which were tested out and he worked just fine. For example, you could run a shark bomb team and place Sasuke in the team, so your opponents can just get chaosed from him and their chakra drained. Itachi Edo is another great combination and there, you can pretty much run even wind main in the teams.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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hese just not good try and get 6 path for a more damage whys and too not get triggerd

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