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[ Fanfiction ] Breeze and M Lonely Moment


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*Travelling into the night, the group was very close to the Qliphoth tree. Their path is almost done. However... they took a time to rest a little in the night, telling stories*.

Kazuya: *turns on the bonfire*

Breeze: *sigh*

Azure: What's the matter, Breeze?

Breeze: Huh...? It's nothing. I've just... been thinking on... ya' know, him.

Azure: Oh... You miss him. That's okay. Everybody miss him.

Scarlet: Are we talking about Midnight or Crimson?

Breeze: *facepalm* Midnight, dumbass. We don't know anything of Crimson.

Kazuya: Crimson was your boyfriend, mom?

Breeze: What?! No! Hell no!

M: Kazuya, stop bothering you mother.

Kazuya: Why do you say that? You're not my father!

M: ... *coughs* Yeah, sorry.

Kazuya: Hmpf.

Breeze: Son, apologize to him.

Kazuya: Fine, I'm sorry, M.

M: No problem, little friend.

Scarlet: Well, let's eat!

Everybody: Yeah!

M: Hehe...

*The group eated in peace, telling stories*

Kazuya: Uh, mom?

Breeze: What's wrong, Kazu?

Kazuya: What type of person was my father?

M: !!

Breeze: Oh, well... he was a very handsome shinobi, smart, serious, and he had white hair, like Kakashi. He was known as the "Darkslayer Uchiha".

Kazuya: Uchiha?! I-If my father was an Uchiha, I could activate... the Sharingan...?

Breeze: I don't know... do you feel you could activate the Sharingan?

Kazuya: Uh, no...

Breeze: *sigh* Your father was a very good person with us, and more with me. You're the fruit of our love.

Kazuya: ... and his name was...?

Breeze: ... I don't remember it so well... it passed a lot of time, that I've forgot it.

Kazuya: Is that so...? Well, I'm glad that my father was a nice person... *smiles*

Scarlet: *yawns* Okay, people, we need to rest now. Tomorrow we'll gonna beat Urizen.

Azure: *rests his head on Scarlet's chest* Good night, you guys.

Kazuya: *rests his body on a tree* Good night, everybody.

*03:33 AM*

Breeze: *wokes up* Huh...? *hears a weird sound* M...? Where are you...? *stands up and starts to walk*

*Meanwhile with M*

M: *reading his book* "I curse the stars with sorrow, grief and woe..."

Breeze: "... for making my love so high, and me... so low..." I remember that sentence *sits next to M*

M: You're here, Breeze... *blushes*

Breeze: Well, I didn't saw you sleeping, so, I've been a little... worried.

M: Hehe... *looks at the stars and the full moon*

Breeze: I don't know if... you remember this place. We've been here, when I was pregnant of Kazuya. You've been here, sit next to me, petting my belly, and reading a little.

M ...

Breeze: *sigh* I know the truth... M. You don't need to keep pretending, who are you really. In fact, I don't know why did you made that.

M: ... I remember this place, and those memories too... But now... my body isn't the same. I'm not the same person that you met long time ago.

Breeze: M, look at me.

M: *sighs and looks Breeze*

Breeze: You need to say the truth to Kazuya. If you don't say anything, he'll start to make more questions about his father. And soon... he'll know everything.

M: ...

Breeze: There's still time.

M: ... What have I done?

Breeze: Huh...?

M: I'm just the human side of that person you loved time ago... I'm so dumb... However... I keep something when I was only one entity.

Breeze: ...

M: I keep... my love to my family. My love... to you... and our son...

Breeze: *starts to cry* I've missed you so much... Midnight! *hugs him*

M: *hugs her*

The end.

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