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[ Suggestions ] Sasuke Rinne


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Naruto Sage of Six Paths is almost everything in one when it comes to an OP ninja in this game. Heal, Immunity , Mystery reset, Combo rate, debuff , evasion, and thats fine. I do feel that his counterpart, Sasuke doesn't have to be equally as good, but even just a minor update to his skill set would make him worth the buy to other users who invest in him. The only update I'm requesting would be to include a part of the Sasuke Susano's passive's into Rinnes Passive. Specifically speaking the " as well as pure ninjutsu damage". Which would make mysteries that are Tai and Nin still effective against him , but helps in cases that are pure nin. Let me know if this is a fair request to make a ninja who is very much in the top 3 strongest standalone ninja in the naruto series at the end, just like Ashura path Naruto.

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Yeah have the same suggestion here too.

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