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[ Lineup ] Ways to defeat kakuzu


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Hey guys, i'm gonna present some teams that might be able to defeat kakuzu squads in battle.

1st step: If you want to use fire main, get yourself the upgraded death mirage passive. This passive will allow you to reduce the ninjutsu of your opponent by 12% and it's stackable, also decreases the opponents injury rate by 20%. This passive is very very helpful to defeat kakuzu because this can heavily nerf kakuzu's damage

If you want to use water main, get the upgraded shark bomb because it deals extra injury damage

firemain 1

sharkbomb 1

2nd step: For firemain, get Itachi Kimono - This char, if you activate his mystery, if the opponents have more than 50 chakra, they can't do a standard attack. This means that if the kakuzu user wants to be able to attack, he must use a mystery that costs chakra and the amount of chakra has to be below 50. This means even if kakuzu attacks, he won't be able to be buffed by chakra, because the effect only activates when the lineup has more than 50 chakra, nerfing kakuzu's damage in the process

For water main, get itachi edo tensei or itachi kimono. Don't worry about the water main refresh, because she can refresh her mystery just by activating her mystery if you have the 3rd water main's passive activated, so you will be able to do it every round, you just can't heal because her standard will be blocked. I also recommend you have gakido on your squad if they end up controlling one of your characters.

Teams you can do:

team kakuzu

I consider this to be the best team to fight kakuzu. With this team, if you have more initiative than your opponent, you can immediately block kakuzu's mystery and increase it's refresh by 2 rounds. This team is better with killer bee, because killer bee can refresh his own mystery by chasing, and not standard attack like naruto 6p, so most likely you will be able to spam killer bee's mystery every round, taking away kakuzu's super armor and potentially controlling him, also increasing his mysteries' refresh because of gakido.

Gakido is also very important in this team because with his mystery, you can refre*achi's mystery, that has a cooldown of 3 rounds. If you didn't have gakido, kakuzu on round 3 would be able to attack, and you can't allow that to happen, so you just refre*achi's mystery and in round 3 you'll be able to use it once again, making kakuzu completely useless the entire battle.

If you don't have killer bee, which not many people have, you c*e naruto 6p. It's a worse version than the original but it might work as well

team 2:


now you might wonder, why is kinkaku here? Well, believe it or not, his skill trial is very very good in theory. Only his mystery is very nerfed compared to tenten's. First of all, kinkaku will give himself and itachi edo an insane shield which will help you protect yourself from kakuzu's damage. Then there's his standard, that if you have it fully upgraded, it can hit 3 opponents very hard, but more importantly, it reduces the opponents damage by 20%, and if you use firemain's mystery, if it hits kakuzu, it will reduce kakuzu's damage by 32% on the first round. You use fire main's shield because in case they have itachi edo and they control one of your team members, you can clean it since you have asuma wb on your team so you will have more than 30 chakra.

Also asuma wb will be very useful, since his mystery removes super armor, so if you use asuma on kakuzu, the chances of you controlling kakuzu with kinkaku are very big

team 3:

sharkbomb team

i don't recommend using this team that much since you need status transfer on your squad since many people tend to use kakuzu with edo itachi. If you just want to beat kakuzu, replace kakashi susanoo either by kurenai or ningendo.

Well that's it for now. If i have more teams that can fight kakuzu i'll post them here if the post doesn't get deleted or something

If anyone wants to add or correct something about what i said, leave it in the comments :D You c*so post your own teams if you want, any help is very appreciated

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2019-08-10 00:00:11
  • So basically, have Kimono Itachi

yep, pretty much XD it's the most effective way to take on kakuzu no doubt

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i recommend itachi edo more than itachi kimono if you want to battle kakuzu with water main honestly, it's way more reliable. Problem is that first round, even if you have itachi edo on the field, kakuzu can do insane damage anyways. If you have good resistances and you can last the first round, probably you can win easily, just need to land that control on kakuzu most of the time, which in theory shouldn't be a problem since azure can increase her own critical rate and her mystery has extra critical rate.


This team is way better used on sage world, since you have susanoo kakashi there, you will always hit naruto 6p if you're battling one

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Another team:

lightning team

Since they are giving kakashi anbu on monthly rewards i'm gonna assume his skill trials are coming

With this team you'll have roots that boost your resis by 100% and also itachi edo cutting the opponents ninjutsu dmg in half.

Kakashi anbu will make 2 anbu ninja hide (must be kakashi himself and itachi edo) so you can't use either danzo or shisui for barrier. This is so that itachi edo's mystery can't be blocked and you will have a chance of controlling kakuzu with itachi edo without having to worry about kakuzu blocking you. Kakashi with Y+1 mystery will have a promt mystery that can remove super armor. Since kakashi with +2 chase can boost his own attack he will become a beast dealing crazy amounts of damage.

Keep in mind this is only theory, they might end up nerfing him like they did with shizuka so if it doesn't work don't blame me xD

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  • żółw On 2019-08-10 01:00:27
  • 6

    Obviously your water main should be stacked, and Tenten assist card would be welcome.

    You can replace Madara with Ningendo/Kurenai/Edo Itachi or some other ninja, many options there.

    This team is very one dimensional and will almost certainly lose against any team with immunity... But if you are certain opponent will use non-immune Kakuzu, it will work ;)

usually the kakuzu users use him with edo itachi so it's always better to have someone to transfer status on your team xD looks like a team that can give kakuzu some trouble, specially since ignition is the worst debuff that kakuzu can have, with ignition he can't heal xD i would put water main first move though since kakuzu can easily block someone who's a 2nd move and if you have huge critical rate chances are that water main will control most of the guys team first round. Nice team man ^^

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  • Rasual On 2019-08-10 02:27:02
  • the only problem is kimino itachi isn't exactly cheap. Not to mention that if I'm ussing kakuzu I'm using kiame an Edo itachi so I'll sleep your main then use kiame barrier which overrightes Kimino's anyways.

well i can just use itachi on kisame xD

kakuzu will be nerfed anyways because you cant attack if you have more than 50 chakra, so your damage will still be very nerfed thanks to that

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  • Rasual On 2019-08-10 04:24:50
  • Sounds great in theory but again using both edo itachi and kisame will ddump mosst of the chaka you've given an remove kimino's barrier.....So kakuzu will still attack prety freely then give another attack to kisame/itachi that's running a aer option could just use hirzen to ddump 40 chakra an kisame to remove more then it'll get stolen back fom kisame's combo, Ay would be a better overall counte o I've used Edo itachi 4* Shizuka EM an Hiruzen an taken out a skill broken kakuzu

shizuka was supposed to be a great way to beat kakuzu but they completely ruined her by changing her mystery, now you can't interrupt anyone using kakuzu cause they don't spend chakra...

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  • żółw On 2019-08-10 01:59:40
  • I know what i did there. It won't work as well with water main position 1, because it's easily interruptable. You start with Jinpachi - if Kakuzu doesn't interrupt there's a high chance he will get chaosed with chases. If Kakuzu interrupts, you can just use mystery.

    If Jinpachi is p2, Kakuzu user can just interrupt jinpachi with his Edo Itachi.../Kisame/Anbu Yamato/whatever he uses unless you specifically stack ini on your jinpachi which can be a hassle.

    edit: and obviously this team won't work in arena... since critical substat almost doesn't exist there and this team relies on your main critting heavily ;)

* even if i have better stats than the guy i'm fighting, even using sharkbomb, i fought a guy and only on round 4 did i land a critical hit on him lol so i'm guessing that with the poison mystery i won't land a crit as well xD

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  • _Light_ On 2019-08-10 06:40:32
  • a max breakthrough kushina surrounded by supports and buff ninjas could also work. But tbh the only way to beat kakuzu is by making sure you have the better pos 1 :/

well your kushina gets buffed with every attack she receives, if you can make sure kakuzu is nerfed with death mirage i think kushina will be way stronger than him... Problem is that the fight will probably last 10 rounds and it will be naruto 6p type battles all over again xD

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  • Zathroth On 2019-08-10 22:33:17
  • Theory behind kinkaku team is wrong. It doesn't reduce damage output by 20% to enemies it hits. His own standard attack (in comparison to base version) deals reduced damage (so hits 3 targets but for 80% of regular standard damage). The same way, as some skillbroken chases can be triggered multiple times but deal reduced damage- see susanoo sasuke, sage naruto.

    And whole thread comes down to the point- if you are faster. If you are faster, run edo itachi with shark bomb. Kakuzu will never have chakra, so no need to even bother with itachi kimono.

    Any kakuzu team with edo itachi that relies only on earth main to generate chakra (so basically most of them) can attack regardless if you manage to pull off itachi barrier or not. initial 20chakra+ 40from itachi, then opponent edo itachi casts on anything, opponent ends up with 40 chakra so he can easily use standards. For this to work, they would have to have external chakra generation like anbu yamato/kimono konan/asuma wb/madara founder.

    Whether kakuzu can attack at 40 chakra or 0 chakra it doesnt matter, he doesnt get buff yet. And edo itachis passive halves that damage. Unless power disparity is huge, you will live through it anyway. And if power disparity is huge, that means you have lower secondary stats so you wont be able to do anything anyway and lose.

in game it says that kinkaku's standard reduces enemy damage by 20%... It might be another error in translation idk

kinkaku 2

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  • AlternativeForc On 2019-08-11 02:24:07
  • proxy (1)

    'nuff said.

true that team with a super stacked yagura is very hard to beat even if they are using kakuzu, but the control rate on kushina has to be pretty good in order to immobilize kakuzu

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  • Garv On 2019-08-11 21:05:46
  • actually this team:

    ningendo konan taisho x

    itachi normal x x

    x x water main

    talents: 22323, summon: kirin

    trials required: ningendo mystery that make him like sasuke rs for chaos and itachi full sbs.

    full counters any comparable power kakuzu eg team that exists out there as long as you are able to constantly chaos the other 3 ninjas with shark bomb and to eventually chaos kakuzu in round 1 if required (itachi standard attack will keep forever kakuzu under sleep since round 2 onwards because cannot control fail and to be sure to target kakuzu you just need to not select him as a target for shark bomb)

sounds like an interesting team, i thought about using that ningendo too but with sasuke rinnesharingan for a bigger chance of chaos during round 1 since it's the 45% from ningendo and the 45% from sasuke... It seems that many teams work vs kakuzu, and in the future there will even be more chars that can give him trouble... Problem with those teams is that you can only use them on space time if you're sure the guy will use kakuzu, which he most likely will xD

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  • Broken Screen On 2019-08-12 07:58:19
  • Kimono Itachi doens't really counter Kakuzu.

    Kakuzu would be tanky enough to take early damage from given chakra by Itachi. It's such double-edge sword to play Kimono Itachi against Kakuzu

    Once his barrier is on cooldown, even if just 1 round he would heal quite decent and sweep through twice easily.

    Itachi only dodges mystery, but Kakuzu can eat through dodge. So nope.

that's why i added gakido to the team, use gakido's shield on itachi kimono and you c*e itachi kimono's barrier once again without giving a fighting chance to kakuzu.

This applies to the more common kakuzu squads, ofc if you battle a kakuzu with a barrier ninja beside him it's way more tricky to battle them cause you have to concern yourself with their manual barrier ninja

I'll add one character even better, but you need his skill trial: shikamaru chuunin with his mystery y+1 can do the same thing that gakido does, and with shikamaru chuunin you will have that 100% resis and defense for the first 2 rounds, which can help a LOT, this will affect itachi, firemain, just won't affect bee or naruto... But you c*e ino summer too i think it works well

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  • HolotheWiseWolf On 2019-08-12 16:54:19
  • Edo itachi halves the first 2 pure ninjutsu attacks, so he's pretty good against kakuzu

that's true... But in the english version he seems way more broken than in the CN version, specially in arena... I literally lost in round 2 using itachi edo and earth main with resis passive cause kakuzu was dealing all criticals and 3k of damage. If i didn't have itachi i would be eating 6k + 6k, so on round 1 my team would be dead... Not fair

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  • Ryurial On 2019-08-13 17:29:22
  • Any formation will do as long as you have edo itachi.

    Against a fully BT Kakuzu. I just baited his mirror since he is also running Edo Itachi then just let Guy 8 gates melt his HP away with standard attacks.


yea on arena, edo itachi is a must have now or there isn't a single chance of winning... Still we need a hard hitting character that can hit kakuzu, guy 7 gates can do the job for sure, but he needs to be in front of kakuzu, good thing kakuzu users don't have any originality and just use him in the middle like everyone else does. Shira is also a pretty good hard hitter but like raikage attacking a random character, kinda depends a lot on luck...

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