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People are lazy, that much is easy for anyone to figure out, and being a person myself, I'm also pretty lazy. This game seems to have ways to make things quicker for people when it comes to upgrading various things. Things such as Refines, Charms, and Battle Armor are good examples of this. Each of them rely on a bar in which it is filled up the more you attempt to upgrade a piece of equipment, and when the bar is full, it's a guaranteed upgrade to the piece of equipment. However, in late game, it may take ages to upgrade said item, click continuously, but thankfully, the game has a quick upgrade option, which spends the materials used to refine/upgrade the piece of equipment until it's either upgraded or materials run out. That makes things a lot faster.

Power things such as Myouboku Cultivation and Ninja Assist also have this, with it automatically running through the upgrades. There's a quick way to use cultivation runes and a quick way to level ninja without the need to click something over, and over, and over again. And to this, I get to the point of this topic. This game could use a sort of quick Synthesis for Magatama and Rune Stones, more so Magatama, rune stones aren't really bad.

Magatamas are a basic thing introduced really early game, and are a small, but nice way to power up. The problem is how long it takes in late game to level a single thing. It's understandable that they require so much, being that late into the game, but it just takes a lot of clicking to upgrade a single magatama. While talking with a friend about it, they also seemed to not like how much clicking is needed, and it demotivates them to actually use it. I also got the idea of quick synthesis while talking to my friend.

How Quick Synthesis could work would be similar to how Quick Feed works with Ninja. You could select how many Magatama you want the game to Quick Synthesize, and it would use all those magatama right away. I don't think calculations should be an issue, given how they made every other thing work (Auto Strengthen on Equipment's another example). The issue may be with coins being used, but the game could just calculate how many coins are needed and will let you do it if you have sufficient funds. It could work like this or it could just be like how refines or the sort work. In which they just add it all. While having two different factors here (Coins and Magatama), it should still be able to be implemented.

Having something like this would really, really make working with Magatama easier.

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