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Incomplete ST/SB


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With how oasis is doing these releases for the Skillbreak through and Skill experiment I want to have a look back on the dozen or so ninjas with incomplete releases.

Kushina[Red Hot-Blooded Habanero] is a special case since we know oasis will not release the Skill trails anytime soon.


Jiraiya [Sannin War]

Orochimaru [Sannin War]

Tobirama Senju [Second Hokage]

Hinata [Cloak]

Sasuke [Suit]

Shikamaru [Chunin]

Lee (Yes lee is actually missing a skill trail version)

Hanzo Salamander


Danzo Shimura

Mei Terumi [Fifth Mizukage]

Fu Yamanaka



These are all the ninjas that I can see that have a Skill trial version that hasn't been released yet but have their Skillbreak throughs

I hope this thread helps oasis know that we want these Skill trials instead of steaming ahead with newer SB/ST. I'm pretty sure plenty of us are still waiting for the older ninjas to get their SB/ST like Torune, Shino, Asuma, Tobi(YES TOBI)

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