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[ Events ] Theme arena gone too early?


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So on the event cycle post for Aug 1 it says that Themed arena will last between Aug 1 - Aug 7 (It does not specify at which time it will be removed) and now it's gone (still Aug 7th). How come we didnt get a warning that it would actually be removed early Aug 7th? I had a really hard time getting the highest rank the first day since I lost versus Kakuzu BT + AGK teams over and over(who gets stronger with more chakra)even though I played for 2 hours straight and tried multiple teams. So I figured I'd wait a few days to fini*, but now it's gone. Would've been really nice if it actually mentioned in the event cycle post that themed arena will end 1 hour after midnight between Aug 6th and Aug 7th or whenever it did end. I get that it's my fault for pushing it back and not finishing it immediately, but I was 100% certain that I would be able to achieve the highest rank on the last day. It probably said within the themed arena that it will end Aug 6th or 1 hour after midnight, guess I just missed it alongside a bunch of ninja fragments (I really really need gakido fragments to 4 star him).

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