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  • Virgil Hawkings On 2019-08-06 19:40:25
  • Guys, I really understand Naruto being used in Space Time, Ranked Battle Arena, Decisive Bonds,but using it in Training Grounds and Sage World that requires speed in defeating the enemy, as these are short events duration. It's pretty annoying when there's only Naruto left against another dodging ninja, for sure it will ne a long fight.

    It's also pretty annoying to face him at Training Battle Arena which is a place to play with the characters you like, is not to be competitive.

    Other th*ways using same teams with Naruto which are: Naruto Shisui or Edo Itachi Killer B and Earth Main. There is a huge lack of creativity in creating teams, and the game seems to stagnate.

the reason is simply one: if the enemy don't run naruto too or if the enemy have a way weaker naruto then he is still perfectly able to win the battle in 1-3 rounds exactly like other burst ninjas like edo hiruzen/agk are able to do.

btw, the main reason why you see naruto with bee and or gaara kk or shisui or itachi is because kushina habanero breaks are out of mind expensive and because edo roshi don't have breaks/trials yet and also because we are in no way able to run teams that would work if our move 2-4 are not obliterated instantly if they aren't support/buffers (and talks a 360k power here).

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  • Jusis On 2019-08-07 19:07:58
  • All of the top teams in my server cluster use kakuzu EGF, itachi ET, and RHBH kushina over Naruto SO6P. But he is a relatively cheap way for lower-power player to win easy...

of course, they are all whales and have no issues in spending 60k in a ninja AND ALSO 60k in power, but here for example i have to choose and between a naruto six paths at 360k power with a 115k move1 and a kakuzu eg team at 270k power with a 90k move 1 it's obvious what every sane of mind person around my power would choose.

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