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Naruto costs 16/20k coupons.

Kushina full skillbroken 100k+

Kakuzu, if you are lucky, 60k (50k for the frags and 10k for the trials).

How do you expect naruto to disappear when both kushina and kakuzu basically are whale only tools?

Whoever is at my power or lower will go on using him.

P.S. Gaara kk trials made him even stronger than he used to be at the strong low cashers level of strength.

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2019-08-06 08:42:28
  • I rather the strongest ninja be Naruto, not Kakuzu.

    Also the idea that Kakuzu is as strong as he is, really agitates me...I mean, he got beat by Naruto's Rasenshuriken. And this was before he gained Sage Mode. Yet, for some reason EFG Kakuzu is better than SoSP Naruto? It's not right...

In a battle between kakuzu eg without breaks and trials and naruto sosp who will win?

Once naturo sosp gets breaks and trials he will get the upper hand again, just look at what happened to edo minato...

And we can get an idea of what his breaks will be by looking at sage naruto trials and at what kurama/6tails have that sosp don't have.

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  • S08Kazuya On 2019-08-08 02:26:06
  • When I spoke to Oasis Support about the meta aspect of Naruto SoSP, they basically told me to trust the developers and refused to acknowledge the issues. After speaking with Oasis corporate in China a few weeks ago, however, I'm now confident they're aware of these issues. Until they resolve them, the game will remain unbalanced in favor of those who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy a browser game that's free to play.

If the game is not in favor of who pays hundreds of dollars then is in favour of who is f2p or low cashing so who wants to spend hundreds of dollars have no reason to do it.

That said, as garv pointed out in a previous thread, the problem is not naruto six pathsm

In arena naruto six paths is not an issue, for example.

It exists a ton of teams that let you win against him and also a good number of them if you don't own initiative.

So how is that in arena he is good but not annoying and outside arena he is this annoying and boring (even if generally lose against kakuzu eg)?

Because his selfhealing is too wide until is 1vs1 and his cd reducing passive effect proc always due to two substats: combo and injury.

Where the game completely fail right now is on this specific side: overstacking move 1 is too effective because spreading is too expensive.

What we need right now is:

1) more features like five nature chakra where an increase of move 1 power gives a boost also to move 2/3/4

2) more features like ninja assist and battle armor that give the same stats to all the moves (so proportionally the move 1 opness mitigates)

3) a wide cut of the costs in all the 1.0/2.0 features that are linked to the single move if you spend there (refinements, cave keys, charms).

4) an astronomical increase of price for move 1 overstacking if some prerequisites in move 2/3/4 are not met or the introduction of a restrictive cap in the actual damage your move 1 is able to land against an enemy if the difference in bp between your move 1 and the average bp value of your move 2/3/4 is higher than 20%)

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  • Noitra On 2019-08-09 03:27:59
  • But Kakuzu > Naruto

    There so many SoSPs because him is more accessible than Kakuzu.

    When we have breakthrough in 3* as in CN maybe things will change... Cause meta is SoSP or Ninjas 4* breakthrough.

    And well, ppl use SoSP at all for not having nothing better lol

What's fun is that sage naruto trials beat kakuzu.

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