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Was this always a thing?


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We could actually get his fragments or as a full ninja from Seal Treasure? Or is this recently a new addition?

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Its been in the game since 5.0 released so over a year and a half now. CN has a reworked Treasure system with the Seal Treasure offering different rare ninja and SR ninjas (I think Hokage Tsunade and Hokage Tobirama). Whether or not the Treasures actually get reworked, well.... If you want his fragments, Tailed Beast Attacks and Fragment refinement are still the only ways.

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I have just asked the team in regards to this and it seems it has not been implemented yet. It is a visual bug that came with an update. It has been reported to the team and I will update this post if there is any change in regards to the treasure. I have also forwarded feedback in regards to players wanting the treasure update. Thanks for letting us know.

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