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[ Lineup ] Worth saving for edo jinchus?


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Is it worth it to save up seal scrolls to get edo jinchuriki? Which ones would be more of a waste of scrolls in particular?

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For my personal preference and opinion, Edo Jinchuriki Treasures are not that important compared to Great Ninja War and Five Kage Treasure .. I prioritized finishing Great Ninja War Treasure first (Obtaining 2 Super Rare) before i used Seal Scrolls on this Time-Limited Treasures, with the idea of getting Hashirama Senju [Edo Tensei] fragments and getting an Edo Jinchuriki Ninja at the same time ..

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Hello. if you exhausted GNW treasure like i did meaning you have both super rare and you want to finish Edo hasi you should go for edo jin treasure.

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Right now, from Time-Limited Treasures, it is worth getting only Edo Yagura. That is if you plan on using Kushina. If not - keep working on GNW or Five Kages.

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Honestly speaking...

Edo roshi is not bad even right and once we get his breaktroughs/trial he becomes the best possible support for kushina habanero teams.

Edo yagura is a decent addition to your pull of ninjas and if you manage to get his breaks/trials he is quite op.

Edo han is currently one of the best blitz team options, if your move 1 is good enough you can literally wipe out your enemy thanks to him.

Edo fu it's the most undervalued ninja there is but is actually a very solid support for naruto six paths teams if you want to run him with wind main.

P.S. Imho once we get edo roshi breaks the team edo yagura full sb kushina habanero full sb edo roshi full sb wind main becomes one of the best available in game.

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Waste of seal scrolls, Edo Tensei Treasure, Seal Treasure, Tendo Treasure, Sage Naruto Treasure. Those are completely worthless treasures. Case in point, Ao is a common ninja in Kage Treasure and Kabuto cloak is a common in GNW treasure. Both are rares in Sage Naruto Treasure and Edo Tensei treasure respectively.

Land of Lightning isn't that good and neither is Jin II Treasure, Jin 1 is still decent. 5 kage Treasure and GNW treasure are still some of the go to treasures because of their SR.

Which Time Limited Treasure/Edo Jin to go for? It honestly depends on which high tier jinchuriki's you have (Kushina Habenero, 6 paths naruto, Edo Minato, Kurama naruto, 7 swords killer bee). Overall, Edo Roshi is probably the best edo jin as he is a pretty good support with his chakra passive and a resistance buff barrier. Plus his chase removes shields and buffs while also chasing repulse (good for Edo minato, and kushina). His mystery is also decent as it causes immobile and hits for decent damage.

Edo fu is alright as her barrier does give more ninjutsu damage and the no chakra barrier is nice.

Edo han is a knockoff lightning main position 1

Edo yagura is good at scaling for the late game but honestly in this meta you need his skillbreaks because he does not scale fast enough

Edo Utakata is about as useful as regular utakata

Edo Yugito is like a regular han, except not as tanky. I used her for a little bit but I haven't in awhile.

A lot of the edo jins are just decent with the supports being the best because Kushina Habenero and 6 paths naruto.

Its up to you where to use your seal scrolls and honestly you cant go wrong with using them in GNW or 5 kage treasure. I would whole heartedly suggest if you have both Madara and Kurama Naruto, never to use your seals in GNW.

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So far seasonal events keep demanding edo jinchus, so even for the sake of some free items/points its worth getting them (han, yagura, fu so far). As far as regular treasure ninjas go, pretty much neither of them by itself is meta.

Kazekage is sweepable, killer bee is in ninja scroll, sasuke and ay need 4* for bt to be usable, sus itachi isnt good in pvp anymore, lineups with edo hashi arent meta anymore either. All gnw treasure ninjas except sasori and madara founder arent really usable nowadays and sosp naruto is better version of kurama (even if he has bond skill).

Other kage treasure ninjas- will see what they can do when they actually get skill trial.

Truth is we are way past the time, where treasures gave you meta teams. Its all about event ninjas for a really long time, treasures just have an option to randomly provide support ninja (kazekage, bee, sasori, madara) and help getting 80 out of 180frags for carry ninja (sasuke, ay). That being said, edo jin treasures are propably the closest that can give you impression of having meta team- kushina, yagura and roshi. Keep in mind those ninjas will start being relevant again only when you get their skillbooks/skill trial when it gets released.

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