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About second SS plunder


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Still not having second free attempt.

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I think it only let more people be able to plunder than to give another chance.

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I've asked a fellow Moderator about this and it is confirmed. RenjiAsuka is correct, the update for SS-Plunder only increased the number of players that can do plunder. It was Top100 before but with this update, players up to Top150 of Merged Servers can have SS-Plunder too.

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Oh,i see.Well,its good that more players will have chance to do plunder for free.I feel kinda dumb now,really understand it like second free plunder chance.Ty for correct my mystake.

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Yeah I was confused bc merged servers already have a second free plunder chance, so I was confused how adding that in now did anything... I didnt realize it lets more people do it now.

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