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[ Player Guide ] God Guo: The most popular ninja assist li<x>nks in my mind


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1. Naruto

He’s the main character of the whole comic, almost every ninja has a good degree number with Naruto, so if your moon scroll is not enough, level up Naruto link is a good choice.

2. Uchiha itachi

He is a really popular ninja, and the most two label on him, Konoha and Akatsuki, these two organization provide a plenty of strong ninja, like Naruto 6p, sasuke susano, Kakashi susano, kakuzu earth gourd fear, konan angel of god. So he is also a good choice to level up.

3. Sasuke

In Chinese version, sasuke has an interesting name called the prince of label, Konoha, secret, curse, sword, Akatsuki, sharingan, reningan, really too much label, and these labels help him to have a good degree with many ninjas.

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